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AMC Metal Recyclers (AMC) is a metal recycling company that is owned and operated in Australia. We are based in Pilbara with over 15 years of experience in recycling waste (All metals, plastic, tires, rubber, batteries etc.) and specialise in metal scrap recycling. AMC operate from Karratha and our focus is providing different services to individuals and companies. AMC take pride in our commitment to environmental compliance and awareness, providing ecological benefits to the community in Perth, training safety and environmental managers who play a crucial role in the success of the organisation. We offer a range of Bin sizes and pick-up services for both Mining and Commercial. Our services are available in Pilbara, Karratha, Port Headland, Newman, Onslow, Tom Price, and other regions upon request.

Products and Services

  • Buy Scrap Metal
  • Organise Bins and Pickup
  • Mine Cleaning Services
  • Truck and car pickup service

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1943 Anderson Road
Karratha Industrial Estate WA 6714
+61 8 9185 3227
+61 421 521 382
ABN  24610071111
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