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DB Controls & HVAC Services is a West Australian owned Control and Maintenance Integration company specialising in highly secure remote access control solutions that allow BMS, Energy Management & Proprietary D.D.C control systems to be integrated with Service and Diagnostic Software and managed through a single remote access platform. Our remote access service and diagnostic control systems are redefining how service and maintenance are approached and setting a new industry standard in the level of support that we provide to our customers. Due to our ongoing contracts in oil and gas and high-profile clients we use the highest level of cybersecurity protection which has led to implementing remote access on sites where remote monitoring was previously rejected. We specialise in BMS, PLC, D.D.C & energy management control solutions. We are Conserve It Niagara Product Partner, approved system integrator and certified Tridium Niagara System Integrator.

Products and Services

  • BMS controls
  • PLC Controls
  • Automation
  • Mechanical Services
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Commissioning


  • Trade qualified Refrigeration Mechanic.
  • Refrigerant trading authorization.
  • Certified Tridium Niagara integrator.
  • Conserve It Niagara Product Partner.

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14 Windlass Avenue
Ocean Reef WA 6027
+61 401 627 271
ABN  66635490881
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+61 13 0056 1881
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