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AML3D (ASX:AL3) is an Australian based metal 3D printing company, solving complex challenges with metallurgy, automation, robotics to create repeatable, industrial products more sustainably. AML3D provides additive manufacturing on demand services and is the original equipment manufacturer of Arcemy, large format metal 3D printers with a sovereign capability to utilise locally sourced materials to create high performance products for marine, resources, defence, aerospace, infrastructure and medical industries.

Products and Services

  • Metal 3D printing ( Metal Additive Manufacturing)
  • Contract manufacturing on demand services
  • Restorative repair and maintenance of worn tooling and metal component products
  • Corrosion resistant dual-wall metal pipes and valves
  • Locally sourced wirestock in metals and super alloys range including aluminium, titanium, nickel, invar, tooling and stainless steels
  • Manufacturing components that require anti-fouling and hydrodynamic properties
  • Original equipment manufacturer of Arcemy, large format metal 3D printers for sale or lease, remotely or onsite


  • Lloyd's Register (LR) awarded qualification certificate of first additive manufacturing (3D Printing) facility focusing on wire-arc technology to AML3D in Australia
  • Quality Assurance ISO9001:2015
  • Member of American Welding Society

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Head office
35 Woomera Avenue
Edinburgh SA 5111
+61 8 8258 2658
ABN  55602857983
+61 08 6188 7535
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