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26 Flinders Street
Level 3
Australia 5000

61 8 82028688
ABN  80107057867

Company Profile

SeaLink Travel Group is one of Australia's most dynamic travel companies, bringing the nation's best tourism and transport experiences to the world.

With more than 1,600 passionate staff across the country, we deliver fantastic service to more than eight million customers annually. With a vessel fleet of 77 and a coach fleet in excess of 60 vehicles, our Adelaide-based company has undergone a remarkable period of growth, emerging as a significant player on the national tourism and transport scene.

As the largest ferry company in Australia, SeaLink Travel Group Limited (SeaLink) is an established, geographically diversified transport and tourism company. We provide services in two diverse industries, namely:
the transport sector, moving regular commuters and freight between destinations in Australia; and the tourism
sector, promoting and packaging holiday destinations, providing tours and delivering tourists to Australian travel