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C & L Sales and Services Pty Ltd have been providing specialised equipment and services to the Petrochemical, Mining, Defence, Aviation Fuel Handling, Product storage and Into-Plane Refuelling Industries since 1994. Whilst based in Carlton NSW, C&L also have full-time people on the ground at both Sydney and Melbourne airports. C&L distributes and provides after-sales service/ support for leading brands such as Gammon Technical Products, Parker Velcon, Fjord, Meggitt Ground Fuelling, Avery Hardoll, Liquid Controls, Aljac, Apollo Valves, OCV Control Valves, Hammonds Injection Systems, JSG Industrial Systems, Adam Pumps plus more. Some of our clients include Air BP, Caltex Australia, Ampol, Pertamina Aviation, Qantas, Viva Energy Australia and the Australian Defence Dept.

Products and Services

  • Mining industry
  • Gas Industry
  • Oil industry
  • Aviation Refuelling
  • On-site maintenance and quality control testing
  • Maintenance systems, computer-based CMMS
  • On-site inspections
  • On-site training
  • Maintenance control
  • Equipment service / Exchange programs
  • Safety Equipment, PPE
  • Safety & Work Clothing
  • Promotional Clothing, and other Gear


  • Cage Code: Z0HQ6 / Trace Certified: TC4152-3323

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U3 / 40 Waterview Street
Carlton NSW 2218
+61 2 9547 1048
ABN  89067418080
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+61 7 3890 8306
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