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We have over 30 years of experience in designing & making electronics & electrical enclosures. No-one will think longer, deeper and wider to create an optimal enclosure solution. Australian owned we have provided enclosure & Micro-drive solutions for applications in Infrastructure (Telecom, Energy, Water, Rail, Mining), Defence, Medical and a wide range of OEM projects.

Products and Services

  • Design, Production and Integration of Electrical & Electronics Enclosures
  • Standard Enclosure Enhancement including cut-outs, finishing, printing, component integration
  • Supplier of precision micro-drive solutions
  • Turnkey solutions (Integration of electronics, custom designed hardware, additive manufactured parts)


  • ISO9001

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15 Koornang Road
Scoresby VIC 3179
+61 3 9756 4000
+61 433 899901
ABN  53005281176
+61 18 0000 6901
AZANO is a certified intelligent engineering solutions company SPECIALISING in design, manufacture, supply, installation and support of fully automated Bagging Systems, Batching Systems, Food Processing Machinery, Weighing Machinery, Inspection and Contamination Detection equipment including X-Ray & Metal Detection, Robotic Palletising, Incoming & Outgoing Conveyor Systems, Dust Suppression and Water Treatment Facilities.
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+61 8 9330 5333
Custom made Switchboards, MCC's, Mining & Commercial Enclosures, Cable Ladder, Tray, Duct, Ladder Tray, KStrut & Brackets, 19" Equipment Racks.Transportable switchrooms, Laser Cut Architectural Screens and Signage, Roofing, Mechanical Services.
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+61 3 9791 4888
Manufacturing engineers specializing in precision sheet metal fabrication of material up to 3mm thickness in mild carbon or stainless steels and aluminum using CNC machinery that represents the latest in cutting edge technology
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