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We are an Australian owned and operated manufacturing company based in Melbourne, Victoria supplying all industries with height access safety solutions, equipment maintenance & inspection platforms interstate and internationally. We have been operating for over 20 years and specialise in aluminium fabrications for any height or depth access requirements for the Transport, Government, Aviation, Construction, Infrastructure, Mining industries and many more.

Products and Services

  • Aluminium Access Solutions such as:
  • Staircases
  • Truck Access Platforms
  • Custom Access Platforms
  • Cantilever Platforms
  • Adjustable Cantilever Platforms
  • Cross over Platforms
  • Bridge Platforms
  • Aluminium Adjustable cantilever height platforms
  • Aluminium Mezzanine Ladders
  • Aluminium Mobile Scaffolds
  • Aluminium Maintenance Platforms
  • Aluminium Aerial Platforms
  • Heavy Equipment Access Platforms
  • Modular Platforms
  • Wing Access Platforms
  • Industrial Maintenance Platforms
  • Aluminium Safety Screens


  • ISO 9001 QMS

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Manufacturing Plant
34 Naxos Way
Keysborough VIC 3173
+61 3 9587 5663
ABN  45095338668
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+61 7 3713 7677
PFi is regarded as one of Australia's leading engineering, design and manufacturing companies. Our experience includes research and development in design engineering, automation of production, design and construction of small and large-scale production systems, low end and precision manufacturing as well as a focus on robotics and safety systems, all crucial to the future of manufacturing in Australia.
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+61 02 8844 4500
SafeSmart AccessSafeSmart Access is a manufacturer and importer of portable height access solutions. SafeSmart Access has been providing height access solutions in Australia since 2007, with a world-wide distribution network catering for the construction, defence, mining, aviation, transport and pipeline industries around the globe.
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AWE is an engineering specialist offering a large range of engineering solutions including design & drafting, construction & maintenance services to a broad spectrum of sectors such as mining, construction, resources, food/beverage, dairy and industrial sectors. Our success and sustained growth are built on a reputation of producing solid, quality work, maintaining a clear customer focus and providing safe, reliable and innovative solutions. We deliver cost-effective solutions for major projects throughout Australia, and our deliverables are designed to optimise productivity, transparency, and accountability.
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