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Huracan was established in 2012 and provide ground water monitoring, downhole production gauges, gyro direction well surveys and production logging interpretation services. Our services have been extended to include permanent and suspension gauge installation and production logging interpretation. We offer a variety of products and services to the Queensland and surrounding oil and gas market. We can provide case studies into how we increase pump life and reduce CSG dewatering time with our highly ruggedized, permanent digital gauge that monitor pressure, temperature, and vibration to identify dry pump conditions even under high gas pressure and slugging flowing conditions. Huracan provides a gauge with over 90 years of development history and in-house quality control. Huracan offer cost-effective solutions for short to medium-term real-time reservoir monitoring with our suspension gauge solution. Our gauge can be quickly deployed and suspended then retrieved later.

Products and Services

  • Directional Gyro Survey
  • Permanent Gauge Installation
  • Distributed Temperature Sensing
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) Orientation Subs
  • Production Logging Interpretation
  • Cased Hole Logging Training and Interpretation

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Head Office
151 Warooby Lane
Roma QLD 4455
+61 3 5144 2728
+61 414 717 907
ABN  66155236114

Other Locations

New Plymouth Taranaki
+61 7 4982 2174
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