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A decade ago Zella DC pioneered the micro data centre. Since then, our next-generation server rooms have been proven to work in the harshest environments on earth. The result is a vendor-agnostic approach to software, hardware manufactured to global standards, and partners across six continents. Main benefits: - EASY from selection to deployment, maintenance, and management - ROBUST, able to withstand Australia's harshest conditions - FULLY CONTAINED (think dust-free) and complete (with software) - COST-EFFECTIVE in terms of both infrastructure and energy usage - SCALABLE - as you grow your business, you can grow your data centre - SECURE from unwanted entry in the physical and cyber dimension - RELIABLE - eliminating downtime from overheating and other causes - VENDOR-AGNOSTIC - integrating all hardware and software seamlessly

Products and Services

  • Zella Pro 12 micro data centre
  • Zella Pro 25 micro data centre
  • Zella Pro 38 micro data centre
  • Zella Max containerised data centre
  • Zella Hut outdoor, weatherproof micro data centre
  • Zella Fort rugged, hand-held micro data centre


  • Australian Owned Certified

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Head Office
Unit 17
386 Scarborough Beach Road

Osborne Park WA 6017
+61 8 6311 2814
+61 438 991 677
ABN  58141591255
+61 13 0069 6266
Nanotech Products Pty specialises in the development, manufacture and sale / application of the widest range of protective nano coatings currently available on the market in Australia today. Established in 2012 we service many markets from building and construction, industrial, infrastructure, automotive, to home and more. Our specialised coatings are all engineered for different materials ensuring they offer the best protection and are optimised to provide long lasting protection. The nature of our Nanoman coatings is to provide a long lasting, protective coating on materials that repels liquids and does not allow dirt and other environment pollutants to adhere to the surface. This lowers maintenance costs and improves durability. The easy to use coatings are environmentally friendly and include specific anti graffiti, anti rust, glass, stone, solar panel, plastic, metal, fabric and timber coatings which have significant application in the building and construction industries.
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+65 31 97 9500
Manufacturer of quality critical components using one of several additive manufacturing technologies and capability to include all post manufacturing material services Design, Set up and management of client additive manufacturing infrastructure
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