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ICN makes it easier for you to do business in Australia and New Zealand. We are the pivotal connection between major projects and the best suppliers in the region. For 29 years, we have worked with local suppliers and project managers to take cost and effort out of the procurement process.

And with powerful tools like ICN Gateway, an online system containing more than 70,000 supplier records, we make certain you'll never miss an opportunity to build the perfect partnership.

Starting searching ICN Gateway now. Or if you need help to find the best local suppliers, talk to us today about cost-effective, innovative ways to run your next project.

To find out more call 1300 961 139 or contact your local office.

We can also help you with:

  • compliance with local and Australian industry policy and participation plans
  • supply chain development
  • identification of joint ventures, partnerships and technology transfers
  • research for tariff concession and Enhanced Project By-law Scheme (EPBS) applications
  • the creation of tender specifications