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Assistance for bushfire-affected SME's

Australia's bushfire crisis has had a huge impact on many small businesses.

Laing O'Rourke has been selected by the NSW Government to undertake the first phase of recovery clean-up works following recent bushfires across the NSW. Laing O'Rourke will work with local subcontractors and regional small businesses to ensure they are engaged in the delivery of the clean-up process - providing much-needed stimulus to local economies.

If you would like you to register your interest in providing works in a range of goods and/or services as part of this project you will need to have a company profile on ICN Gateway.

Companies who are not registered with ICN

ICN will provide a free Be Compelling subscription to eligible companies affected by the bush fires through until the end of financial year 30/6/2020 to allow companies to register their interest.

To take advantage of this offer you will need to join ICN Gateway and follow the sign up steps for a basic package. Once you have completed these steps you will need to email bushfirerelief@icn.org.au to have your eligibility assessed. Once approved we will upgrade your subscription and let you know.

Companies who are already registered with ICN

If you are a company who is registered on the basic ‘free’ subscription level or our ‘Be Seen’ package then please email bushfirerelief@icn.org.au to have your eligibility for upgrade assessed.

If you are already a Be Compelling or Premium subscriber please email bushfirerelief@icn.org.au to have your eligibility assessed. If you are deemed to be a bushfire impacted company we will send you a 25% discount coupon for your next ICN Gateway subscription.


You must be a small business owner or non-profit organisation in a bushfire-affected area and:

  • have suffered direct bushfire damage to your business
  • be primarily responsible for meeting the costs you would be claiming for
  • have been conducting your business in the bushfire-affected area at the time of the bushfire
  • be intending to re-establish your business or non-profit organisation in the same community or region.

Note: You may also be eligible if:

  • your small business is located outside a defined disaster area, but:
  • operates, or operated, on a part-time or regular basis in that defined disaster area, and
  • equipment or a plant owned by your business was located in a defined disaster area at the time of the bushfire, and was damaged.