Take climate action today

Prepare your business
for a clean, green future

As more and more companies expect their supply chains to be environmentally sound, it's time to minimise your carbon footprint to stay ahead of the pack.

To be competitive in a tight marketplace, companies like yours must demonstrate credible climate action.

But what does this actually mean? What do you need to do? And how do you do it?

ICN has partnered with ClimateClever to help you understand the challenges and find opportunities in this fast-moving space.

ClimateClever is an innovative, online platform to help businesses like yours begin the journey to net-zero, while ALSO saving money. It's already helped users save more than $2 million in utility costs.

How does ClimateClever work?

ClimateClever helps you in 3 major ways:
  • 1. It calculates your baseline carbon footprint.
  • 2. It gives you actionable steps to reduce it.
  • 3. It enables you to achieve carbon neutrality.

And what's more, the ClimateClever platform generates a downloadable carbon footprint report you can display on ICN Gateway.

Potential clients can see your climate action in real time!

Why do I need ClimateClever?

As a supplier, understanding, and working on reducing, your emissions is an exciting opportunity to get ahead of the curve and position yourself as a climate leader.

ICN and ClimateClever are helping to make carbon measurement and climate action more accessible than ever before.

How much does it cost?

You can sign up on the free tier to start your journey, but as an ICN Gateway subscriber you can recieve a 10% discount off all paid tiers from ClimateClever.

To find out more about the features and subscriptions click here.

How do I get involved?

We're on the hunt for proactive businesses to join us on the path to carbon reduction.

By taking the journey, you'll get access to tailored webinars, events and Q&A opportunities to support and guide you on your carbon-reduction journey.

We'll show you how easy it is to become carbon neutral and start the journey towards net-zero.

To find out more about this exciting ICN-ClimateClever partnership, register your interest below.

Take climate action today