Albemarle Kemerton Plant

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  Linus O'Brien
  +61 8 9365 7556

  Locations: WA Australia
  Project Status: Project Referral stage

Project Details

Albemarle Lithium Pty Ltd (Albemarle) is working to establish the Albemarle Kemerton Plant, a Lithium hydroxide Product manufacturing plant and associated infrastructure, within the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area (KSIA), approximately 17 kilometres north-east of Bunbury.

The Proposal is well advanced with planning of construction to commence in 2018 subject to final investment decision and receipt of required approvals. Initial production is scheduled to commence by 2020 and the Proposal has an intended operating life of approximately 25 years. The Plant will comprise a series of 20,000 tonne per annum (tpa) Lithium Hydroxide Product process trains. Initial production will commence with operation of a single train at a rate of 20,000 tpa, increasing in stages with the addition of up to four more 20,000 tpa trains to a potential output of 100,000 tpa of Lithium Hydroxide Product by around 2025.


Work Packages

There are currently no open work packages for this project.
Note: The closing date/s for expressions of interest shown below are subject to change.

Construction Site potable Water Supply27 Aug 1813 Sep 1813 Sep 18
Supply and deliver potable water into multiple water tanks across the construction site
Cleaning of site offices and crib rooms2 Jul 1813 Jul 182 Oct 18
Daily cleaning service for multiple construction site offices, crib rooms and ablution blocks.
Site security services2 Jul 1813 Jul 182 Oct 18
Site security services for a 90-hectare construction site, car parking facility and laydown yard. Security checks may also be required for nominated off site local premises.
Soil and Concrete Testing2 Jul 1813 Jul 182 Oct 18
Quality assurance testing of aggregates, soils and concrete professional services in accordance with applicable Australian standards.
Waste Management services for construction office and laydown yard2 Jul 1813 Jul 182 Oct 18
Waste management services (collection and offsite disposal) for site office waste (250 people) and crib room complex (800 people), and an offsite service for nominated laydown yards (50 people per area).

Services will encompass the supply of skip bins for both construction and domestic/ office waste.
Water Sampling and Testing2 Jul 1813 Jul 182 Oct 18
The provision of water testing (potable, raw, construction water) analysis services. It is anticipated that the services will be required for a period of approximately 3 years.
Site Medic Ambulance3 Oct 1817 Oct 1817 Oct 18
Provide Paramedic Services and Emergency Management (EMT).
Access Control System5 Apr 1816 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of access control system and associated equipment. The system includes, RFID card readers and locks, turn styles and intercom
Bucket Elevators10 May 1822 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 12 bucket elevators.
Complete Bucket Elevator assemblies including chutes, buckets, bucket belt, head pulleys, tail pulleys, drive system, electric motor, casing and associated support frame. All piping, hoses, valves, filters, fittings and supports required for the Gear Reducers and lubrication/cooling units (where applicable).
Commercial Weighbridge and Associated Equipment28 Mar 1823 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 4 Weighbridges with hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells, temperature compensation and overload protection. Includes instrumentation and controls. Traffic control devices to allow drivers to locate their loads correctly on the weighbridge platform, both inbound and outbound.
Concrete - Supply and Install5 Apr 1819 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply, delivery and placement of concrete,

Approximately 10,000 m3 Unreinforced concrete
Approximately 60,000 m3 Reinforced concrete
Approximately 20,000 m3 Detailed earthworks
Approximately 3,000 m3 Concrete acid proofing
Cooling Towers9 May 1831 May 1818 Oct 18
See Attached
Diesel Fuel Storage and Dispensing System14 May 1831 May 1818 Oct 18
Scope shall include the supply of a complete self-bunded Diesel Storage/Dispensing System.
Emergency Power Generator Sets10 Apr 1820 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of emergency power generator sets 250kVA to 1000 kVA
Fabricated Structural Steel5 Apr 1819 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Standard sections (light/ Medium/ Heavy) - Approximately 9,000 metric tonnes
Field Erected Tanks5 Apr 1819 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply, delivery and erection of various sized storage tanks
Fire Detection System19 Apr 1830 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Fire Detection System - Fire Indicator Panels, System programming Software, Configuration Tools and Gas Suppression
Incline Plate Settler19 Apr 1830 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Incline Plate Settler - Including nozzles, baffles, openings, overflow box, overflow downpipe, vent pipe, internal riser assemblies, hatches, manways, cleanout ports, d-doors, and support attachments as required. Supply of Electrical and instrument cabling to junction boxes on the boundary of the Contractors package.
Limestone Grinding and Slaking Plant10 May 1824 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of a limestone grinding and slaking plant
Low Pressure Boilers10 May 1824 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 3 low pressure gas fired boilers.

Fire tube boilers complete with boiler drum, furnace and fire tubes, burners and gas train, burner management system, F.D. Fan, exhaust system, feed water system, blowdown and control systems.
Oil/ Water Separator5 Apr 1817 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of skid mounted (Coalescing Plate or Hydrocyclone type)
Packaging Plant Equipment5 Apr 1816 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 12 automated packaging plants of various sizes and configurations
Plant and Instrument Air System5 Apr 1817 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of plant and instrument air system, comprising three (3) air compressor systems with nominal air discharge pressure of 700 kPa(g) per unit
Plate Heat Exchangers5 Apr 1819 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 9 plate heat exchangers.

* Plate heat exchangers including end covers, exchanger plates, flanged inlet and outlet pipe connections, gaskets, frame, protective guards and mounting base or legs.
Portable Water Treatment Plant10 May 1822 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of a potable water treatment plant comprising.

Potable Water Treatment Plant: - suitable for producing ablution quality water for eyewash, safety showers, general showering and drinking water.
Radio System10 May 1821 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of radio communications equipment comprising.
Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations19 Apr 1830 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Free Standing combination deluge shower and aerated eye/ face wash station
Screw Feeders10 May 1821 May 1818 Oct 18
Fully packaged screw feeder assemblies complete with drive motor and gearbox, couplings and bearings, guards and covers, lining and support brackets.
Scrubber Systems10 May 1831 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of Gas Scrubbers - Complete Scrubber Systems.
Sewage Treatment Plant5 Apr 1816 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of sewage treatment plant
Slurry Pumps5 Apr 1816 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of approximately 50 slurry pumps of various configurations and sizes
Tank Agitators10 May 1822 May 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 34 tank agitators.
Complete Agitator assemblies including impeller shaft, blades, hubs, vapour seal, electric motor, drive system and associated supporting base frame.
Temporary Construction Site Facilities3 Oct 1817 Oct 1818 Oct 18
The temporary facilities will be split across three phases, including the temporary office buildings, crib rooms, toilets, offsite laydown yard set up, medical facility room and all the utilities supply (e.g. communications infrastructure, power supply, potable water, sewage removal from site).\n\nTurnkey design, supply, establishment and construction of the temporary office facilities and services for hire/lease over a 24-month period with options to release early or extend hire\n\n
Uninterruptable Power Supply Batteries and Chargers28 Mar 1823 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 22 Uninterruptable Power Supply Units ranging from 1 to 20 kVA configurations.
Valves5 Apr 1816 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of approximately 100 valves comprising;

* ball valves,
* butterfly control valves,
* knife gate,
* pinch,
* pressure control valves and
* pressure relief valves
Water Pumps28 Mar 1823 Apr 1818 Oct 18
Supply of 25 process water supply/ decanting pumps of various sizes and configurations.