Suppliers to benefit from more works packages for Larrakeyah Barracks

The planned $472 million upgrade and redevelopment at Larrakeyah Barracks, and the construction of a new wharf and fuel farm to support naval operations in the Top End, is well under way, with Group 3 packages now closed and Group 4 due packages for the construction of the wharf to be released in 4th quarter 2019 .

ICN NT is working with Laing O’Rourke on the Larrakeyah Defence Precinct Redevelopment Program, which is a merging of two distinct projects under the one managing contract.

  • J0109 Larrakeyah Barracks Redevelopment (LBR)
  • N2238 Facilities to Support Naval Operations in the North (FSNON).

Larrakeyah Barracks, built in 1932 and with minimal upgrades since, is a strategically important base servicing the Royal Australian Navy, Army and Joint Task Force units in the Darwin area.

The base covers approximately 80ha and is located on a headland 2km west of Darwin CBD. The upgrade addresses current deficiencies and infrastructure risks whilst providing for future growth requirement.

The project includes:

  • New consolidated NORFORCE Facilities including Headquarters and Operations office accommodation, maintenance, training and storage facilities, vehicle hardstand, vehicle shelters and associated services infrastructure; 
  • Upgrade existing electrical infrastructure services, including new incoming HV Feed, HV and LV upgrades, street lighting and two (2) new incoming switch stations;
  • Upgrade existing potable water infrastructure;
  • New fire-fighting infrastructure including fire water tanks and fire pump shelter;
  • Upgrade existing sewerage infrastructure including three (3) sewer pump stations;
  • Upgrade existing stormwater infrastructure including diversion of existing stormwater via underground tunnel and new Gross Pollutant Traps;
  • Upgrade existing ICT infrastructure including DVN, DRN and DSN passive infrastructure and new ICT Core Node;
  • New consolidated Shared User Facility (SUF) including integrated office fit-out and associated infrastructure services; 
  • New Base Entry Precinct including roundabout inside Defence property at the end of Packard Street, upgraded and new road network, passive and active security controls, new carpark adjacent Larrakeyah Primary School and associated infrastructure services;
  • New “Junior Sailor Carpark” adjacent to the SUF, including pedestrian shelters, lighting, bridge/stair access to HMAS Coonawarra and associated services infrastructure;
  • New outer wharf including services to support the berthing of RAN vessels: shore-to-ship power, ICT, water, fire water, potable water, waste water and stormwater drainage;
  • New facilities to support the wharf including new hardstand for storage and laydown, repairs to existing rock armour, storage warehouse, substation, lighting and associated services infrastructure;
  • Ready-use Fuel Storage Facility including two (2) 1.75ML ADF-10 diesel storage tanks, bunded hardstand and associated fuel piping, valves and controls to allow re-fuelling and bunkering of RAN vessels at the wharf;
  • New facilities to support the Fuel Storage Facility including fuel pump shelters, substation and Fuel Quality Control Centre (FQCC).
  • Upgrades to a range of Barracks infrastructure including electrical, potable water, fire-fighting, sewerage, stormwater and ICT.

Refurbishments and new structures for NORFORCE, marine structures, multi-user facilities, base entry precinct, accommodation buildings, mess facilities, recovery centre/gymnasium and car parking.

Group 4 package are expected to include:

  • Shore-to-ship power
  • Electrical infrastructure and street lighting
  • Wharf power and lighting
  • Wharf hydraulics
  • Wharf communications and
  • Warehouse 

ICN NT expects more progress on the project over the next two years, with construction expected to be completed in 2023. Local suppliers are encouraged to express interest under “general updates” on the Larrakeyah Barracks Gateway Page.