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Products and Services

done ALTFIVE is a consultancy firm specialising in procurement, supply chain, and operations, offering bespoke solutions and expert advice to tackle a variety of business challenges. With a focus on delivering specialised expertise, ALTFIVE tailors its services to meet the diverse needs of its clients.
done Strategic Procurement and Sourcing
done Procurement Strategy - Developing comprehensive strategies for procurement that emphasise cost-effectiveness, strong supplier relationships, and streamlined processes.
done Strategic Sourcing - Systematically identifying and engaging with key suppliers to establish effective sourcing relationships that benefit both parties.
done Spend Analysis - Undertaking detailed analysis of company expenditures to identify opportunities for cost savings and procurement efficiency.
done Supplier Relationship Management - Building and maintaining positive, productive relationships with suppliers to secure maximum value and reliability.
done AI-Enhanced Procurement Practices - Implementing advanced artificial intelligence in procurement to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance outcomes.
done Procurement KPI Definition, Capture & Strategy - Establishing and tracking key performance indicators to guide and evaluate procurement success.
done Procurement Capability Uplift - Enhancing the overall procurement function within organisations, focusing on skills and process improvement.
done Procurement Training/Education - Providing specialised training programmes to develop in-depth procurement knowledge and skills.
done Sourcing Framework Development - Creating structured methodologies for effective and efficient sourcing tailored to specific business requirements.
done Strategic Supplier Management Programme - Developing and implementing long-term strategies for managing key suppliers effectively.
done Negotiation Strategy Development - Formulating focused strategies for successful negotiations, identifying key objectives and tactics for various scenarios.
done Category Management - Managing product or service categories as strategic business units to maximise value.
done Organisational Procurement Design and Development - Advising on optimal procurement structures and processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within organisations.
done FFE Management - Expertly managing the procurement and oversight of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment, especially for large-scale projects.
done Procure to Pay - Enhancing the entire procure-to-pay process through detailed review, strategic recommendations, and effective implementation.
done Contract Management Dashboards - Providing comprehensive tools for effective contract management and oversight.
done Rapid Sourcing Frameworks - Offering accelerated sourcing solutions to meet urgent and immediate procurement requirements.
done Vendor Performance Management Solutions - Implementing advanced systems for monitoring and enhancing vendor performance.
done Supply Chain Management and Optimisation
done Supply Chain Management - Managing the entire supply chain, focusing on improving efficiency and effectiveness from supplier to customer.
done Supply Chain Analysis - Conducting thorough analyses of supply chains to identify areas for improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement.
done Supply Chain Network Design and Optimisation - Designing and refining supply chain networks for peak performance, including aspects like logistics, distribution, and inventory management.
done Inventory Optimisation - Balancing inventory levels to meet demand while minimising costs and storage requirements.
done Demand Management - Effectively forecasting and managing customer demand to align with supply capabilities.
done Logistics and Distribution Strategy - Optimising logistics and distribution strategies for enhanced operational efficiency.
done Supply Chain Crisis Management and Contingency Planning - Preparing robust plans to manage and mitigate supply chain disruptions.
done Digital Integration and Technology
done Digital Transformation - Assisting with the integration of digital technology across all business areas to modernise and improve efficiency.
done Technology Integration - Advising on the incorporation of new technological solutions into existing business processes for enhanced productivity.
done Systems Implementation - Leading the introduction and integration of new systems to streamline business operations and improve data management.
done Risk and Compliance Management
done Risk Management - Identifying and mitigating potential risks within supply chains and procurement processes to ensure stability and compliance.
done Contract Management - Overseeing the creation, execution, and analysis of contracts to maximise operational and financial performance.
done Operational Strategy and Analysis
done Business Case Development - Formulating detailed and persuasive cases for specific business actions, grounded in thorough analysis and projections.
done Business Improvement - Implementing strategies to elevate business processes, focusing on increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
done Business Planning - Creating detailed business plans that outline strategic direction, objectives, and actionable steps.
done Business Transformation - Guiding significant changes in business operations, often involving a complete rethinking of existing processes.
done Market Research and Analysis - Delivering in-depth market insights and competitive analysis to inform strategic decisions.
done Opportunity Analysis - Evaluating potential business opportunities for growth, savings, or efficiency enhancements.
done Data Analysis and Reporting - Providing insightful data analyses to improve decision-making and strategic planning.
done Performance Management - Developing systems to measure and enhance the performance of various business processes.
done Cost Reduction Strategies - Identifying and implementing strategies to reduce costs across various facets of the business.
done Process Redesign - Rethinking and reshaping business processes to improve performance, quality, and efficiency.
done Program and Project Management
done Program Management - Providing oversight and coordination for multiple related projects, ensuring they align with business strategy and objectives.
done Project Management - Planning, executing, and overseeing projects to ensure successful completion within scope, time, and budget constraints.
done Change Management - Facilitating the management of change processes during business transformations and process redesigns.
done Stakeholder Engagement - Strategies for effective communication and engagement with stakeholders.
done Sustainability and Ethical Practices
done Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing - Concentrating on environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible sourcing practices.
done Supply Chain Sustainability Audits and Improvement Plans - Conducting thorough evaluations of supply chain practices, focusing on sustainability and recommending improvement strategies.
done Indigenous Participation Plan/Supplier Diversity Programs - Developing programmes to include Indigenous and diverse suppliers in procurement processes.

Company Overview

ALTFIVE is a specialist business improvement company with strong roots in Adelaide, South Australia, serving businesses across Australia. We specialise in a range of bespoke services, including strategic procurement, supply chain optimisation, business transformation and project management. Our approach combines deep local understanding with global best practices and is designed to boost operational efficiency, growth and reduce risk for Australian businesses.

At ALTFIVE, we believe that the key to delivering exceptional results lies in our focus on people. Our proven, systematic approach is crafted not just for efficiency and transparency, but with a deep commitment to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of our clients. At every stage, from the initial consultation to the final delivery, our priority is to work closely with our clients, ensuring that their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

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