As global economies decarbonise, energy systems are rapidly transforming, bringing with them new economic and industry development opportunities which have the potential to deliver high value jobs and investment for Queensland.

The Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (DRDMW) and the Advanced Materials and Battery Council (AMBC) have partnered with ICN to release the Australian Battery Supply Chain Database, in support of the Queensland Battery Industry strategy.

Through strong partnerships between industry and government, Queensland is in an enviable position to grow a sustainable battery supply chain to meet local and domestic demand for stationary storage to support renewable energy use and for specialist applications like defence and mining. Queensland's critical minerals and mining expertise will attract investment in mineral refining, processing and advanced material and cell manufacturing.

Queensland's Battery Industry Strategy outlines how government will work with business, industry, and research institutes to realise these opportunities and create a diverse and dynamic battery sector to support Queensland's transition to reach zero net emissions by 2050.

Over the next five years, the strategy will benefit from approximately $570 million* in investment to position Queensland to be at the forefront of battery technology development and commercialisation.

This could translate to more than 9,100 jobs and contribute $1.3 billion to our economy by 2032.

This makes it easier to identify companies in Australia that currently, or plan to, operate within an Australian advanced materials and battery supply chain.

AMBC is an industry-led association that promotes the development and commercialisation of electrochemical energy storage technology and the revitalisation of advanced materials and battery manufacturing in Australia to participate in the global energy transition.

How does it work?

The Database is structured into the following segments

  • Mining raw materials
  • Refining to chemicals
  • Active minerals and electrolytes
  • Cell manufacturing
  • Battery pack assembly
  • Integration services and maintenance
  • Re-use and recycling
  • Equipment manufactures
  • Modelling and research and development
  • Government
Access a copy here: The database will be useful if you are a manufacturer, supplier, industry or from a government agency or research organisation.

Updated: May 2024

Advanced Materials and Battery Sector Highlights

Meet demand

Australian domestic battery demand will total 90 GWh by 2030

Tested and Certified

Battery testing and certification facility Queensland Energy Storage Technology Hub (QuestHub) operating

Australian Materials and Battery Council (AMBC)

Researchers, industry and policy makers are working together to build Queensland's battery technology

Investing in our future

$170M investment by the Queensland Government into critical minerals and battery technology fund

Find out more about Australian Battery Day - Advance Materials & Battery Council (AMBC)

How it works for Suppliers

Developed with funding from the Department of Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water, at the request of the AMBC, this database is designed to assist with the evolution of an advanced materials and battery manufacturing ecosystem in Australia.

Unlocking opportunities

When it comes to finding new battery opportunities, one of the biggest challenges can be breaking into new or expanding supply chains. Using the Database and our Industry Specialists, you can be sure to find new work opportunities perfect for your business:

  • The Database will provide information and transparency to identify business opportunities
  • It will assist in growing battery manufacturing and the broader manufacturing industry

How it works for Project Owners

Are you planning a battery related project in Australia? This database makes it easier for you to identify companies in Australia that currently, or plan to, operate within an Australian advanced materials and battery supply chain.

Promote your project

Promote your project to battery suppliers in Australia – and to over 90,000 suppliers through Gateway by ICN nationally.

  • Maximise the exposure of your project to local suppliers, with automatic notifications sent to all registered companies every time you list a new package
  • Promote procurement and contracting opportunities and call for local suppliers and sub-contractors to register their interest
  • Clearly define the scope of your project with work packages separated into categories so suppliers and contractors can easily check their capability against the scope of work in each package
Can't find what you need?
Or would you like to add your company's information in the Database or update your existing details?

QUEST Hub Case Study

The ability to prototype, scale and prove-out battery materials, cells adn systems is critical to battery product commercialisation and the growth of battery industries. QUEST Hub will provide access to these key capabilities through the establishment of world-class research, development and testing facilities that will enable industry to innovate, value add and translate new ideas to real-world outcomes.