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International SOS has over 30 years of delivered integrated remote site medical and security services (onshore & offshore) to the energy, mining & infrastructure sector. Taking a preventive approach to site-based health management will reduce costs & medical incidents. Our leading injury & illness case management & medical oversight will reduce recordable injury rates & lost productivity due to time spent off site. This will maximize your productivity by integrating our onsite medical staffing and telemedicine service to meet your business objectives. Our medics are experienced in the energy, mining and infrastructure environment & understand the importance of reducing TRIFRs without jeopardising productivity or compromising health outcomes. They are trained to focus on preventing workplace injuries & recognise potential risks or problem areas, then work with you to minimise these risks in a cost-effective way.

Products and Services

  • Medical and security staffing -ESO/ERT's,Doctors, paramedics, registered nurses
  • Medical & security evacuation services
  • Onsite medical services & telemedicine support
  • Medical & security consulting
  • Occupational health services-pre- employment/periodic/exit medicals
  • Onsite OH reporting & trend analysis
  • Site health reviews
  • Emergency response plans
  • Medical site facility management including vessel & rig audits
  • Medical equipment & medication purchasing
  • Malaria management services


  • ISO9001

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Australia Headquarters
Level 4, Building B,
4 Drake Avenue

Macquarie Park NSW 2113
+61 2 9372 2400
ABN  83052247104
+61 2 6203 9500
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