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PARTECH provides manufacturing and through-life support of electronic equipment for the ADF and OEM manufacturers. Development of LM-STAR test program sets (TPS). Design and manufacture of special to type test equipment STTE. Design and manufacture of electrical harnesses test equipment for, railway, naval, or air platforms. Design and manufacture of electronic assemblies. Build to print of electronic assemblies. PARTECH provides full lifecycle maintenance solutions, from the initial maintenance planning to development and implementation of tailored test solutions, and ML1, ML2, & ML3 maintenance and repair services.

Products and Services

  • Manufacture of defence electronics equipment.
  • Supplier of defence avionics Special to Type Test Equipment.
  • Supplier of cable and harness test equipment, rail, aircraft, or ship.
  • Design and implementation of through-life support solutions for defence avionics and electronics equipment.
  • Through life equipment support services to ML1, ML2 and ML3 levels.


  • ISO9001-2015
  • CASR145 pending

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Head office
1 Garadi
Yerriyong NSW 2540
+61 2 4422 2700
+61 422 714 380
ABN  64094961672
+44 1606 83 8190
Marine Systems Technology Ltd. is a UK limited liability company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of PaR Systems LLC, with its offices located in Winsford, Cheshire, UK. Notably, Marine Systems Technology is part of the larger US-based PaR Marine division, with MST heading up the European operation. Marine Systems Technology Ltd. (MST) supplies mission-critical door systems and bespoke material handling equipment for naval vessels. The business founded in 2003, based on its Comfire composite technology, has since supplied the Type 45 warships and the 'Queen Elizabeth Class' aircraft carriers. This included the structural, fire-rated Watertight, Weathertight and Gastight door systems on the 'Queen Elizabeth Class' aircraft carriers and currently MST is supplying the Type 26 GCS with Doors, Hatches & Scuttles, as well as the hangar X-Y maintenance crane.
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+61 7 3907 9800
Ferra specialises in the design and manufacture of precision defence and civil sub systems and sub-assemblies for some of the major defence and commercial contractors across the globe. Our Industry Awards : Boeing Supplier of the Year (International Category- from 17,500 suppliers) Awarded Platinum Supplier Status with Northrop Grumman Queensland Export Award for Business Services Essington's Lewis Awards Capability and Sustainment Group - Team of the Year Award
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Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS - A) is a high-performing engineering business experienced in project management, advanced manufacturing and delivery of value for money solutions. Our internationally recognised staff have 30 years of experience in the application and delivery of new composites technology solutions and products. Our expertise in engineering design, simulation, analysis, manufacturing, composite materials development, repair and product development has been delivered to many organizations to gain a competitive advantage using carbon fibre composites technologies.
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