Jobfit Health Group Pty Ltd

Contact Details

Jobfit Wayville (Head Office)

47 Greenhill Road
Wayville SA 5034
1300 616 165
+61 8 8373 1215

ABN  40083014340

Company Profile

Jobfit Health Group is one of Australia's leading occupational health and medical providers, with over 30 wholly owned and operated medical centres across Australia employing more than 300 staff. Jobfit offers a broad range of occupational healthcare services in both metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, and overseas. Pre-employment medical bookings can be made online, and results issued within 24 hours. Jobfit is a division of Fullerton Health Corporation, a leading provider of corporate healthcare across Asia Pacific.

Products and Services

Pre-employment medicals
Functional capacity evaluations
Drug and alcohol screening
Injury management and prevention
Onsite medical services
Health and wellness programs