CME : Composite Materials Engineering

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CME (Composite Materials Engineering) is a specialist in the advanced composites business. We manufacture all of our products in Australia, at our headquarters in Melbourne. We formulate, manufacture and compression mould long glass fibre composite materials. Our philosophy is to be the leader in advanced composite materials and to develop the technology to ensure our customer receives the most up-to-date technology available. Australia's largest manufacturer of Advanced composites and engineering services.

Products and Services

  • Advanced Composite Materials
  • Starch Trays and Gum Trays
  • Shower Bases and Tile Trays
  • Plastic Pallets
  • Seating for the transport industry
  • Composites used in rail, roadside and transport infrastructure


  • ISO 9001

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Contact Details

Head Office and Moulding Facility
37 Hosie Street
Bayswater North VIC 3153
+61 3 8720 7600
+61 418 342 294
ABN  23007128289
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+61 8 9249 7753
Grant Transformers is an electrical and transformer manufacturing company based in Perth, Australia. Grant Transformers have been manufacturing various types of power supplies and transformers for their customers'based on client specifications for sites throughout Australia. Our niche is that we can offer any variety of transformer and power supplies for various applications. These include distribution transformers, isolation transformers, auto transformers, motor start transformers, single phase transformers, three phase transformers, inductors, chokes and reactors. We can offer enclosed type transformers and open type transformers as well as epoxy type transformers. Our experience coevrs a wide range if AC/DC power supplies Our transformers are manufactured to strict quality guidelines. Grant Transformers have been manufacturing AC and DC transformers since 1933. Transformers are made to mining specification, switchboard specification, industrial specification, solar specs.
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Australian General Engineering is a metal fabrication business using broad expertise to deliver products and services to multiple industry sectors. AGE is a fully certified ISO 9001 enterprise covering all aspects of the business. Customers that AGE service include, transport (rail and heavy vehicle), Department of Defence, other Federal, State and Local Government authorities and various other industry sectors. AGE provide a total "one stop solution to our customers utilising the latest design thinking methodology to optimise the outcome for the customer. Besides pre-production and post-production services, our in-house capability includes a comprehensive array of equipment for the metal manufacturing industry utilising the latest CNC technologies such as: Laser Cutting Turret Punching Brake Pressing Tube Bending Pressing & Stamping MIG & TIG Welding Assembly & Fabrication Finishing & Coating
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Bluey Technologies Pty Ltd is a supplier of construction products for major civil engineering infrastructure works. Our range of products includes high performance pre-packaged cement products, waterproofing products and ground improvement solutions. All of our products are supported by sound technical advice and on-site support.
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