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Industry Capability Network (ICN) helps major projects find potentially suitable local suppliers and service providers (in all industry sectors) in AU and NZ. ICN is a national network with experienced technical & procurement specialists.

Products and Services

  • Conduct Project Information Sessions to Industry
  • Host projects and opportunities on ICN Gateway
  • Facilitate communication to local industry
  • Business Matching against client criteria
  • EPBS/TCO services (commercial offering)
  • Ability to register an Expression of Interest

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+61 07 3284 9618
Deborah Wilson Consulting Services (DWCS) works with major projects and supply chains to: . Assist them to effectively engage local suppliers and Indigenous suppliers. . Build the capabilities of local and Indigenous suppliers to meet project requirements. . Monitor project delivery performance and track engagement with stakeholders and local communities. DWCS also provides: . Regional economic development and investment attraction plans. . Industry research and industry development strategies including industry skills. . Community, industrial and commercial research across a wide range of topics and fields. DWCS has worked across Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia for clients in mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, aviation, rail and professional services. Deb Archbold, Managing Director of DWCS, is regarded as a leading expert in the major projects market.
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+61 03 9421 4611
GRA is Australia's premier, expert consulting firm specialising in supply chain & logistics strategy, planning and execution. We offer consulting, professional services, supply chain systems, training & education and benchmarking across a broad range of industries. For the last two decades, we have worked with over 200 organisations to turn their supply chains into a competitive advantage.
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SURAKSHA are cyber security solution and service providers and system integrators preventing being robbed, hacked, harassed, blackmailed, attacked and destroyed by malicious elements. SURAKSHA will provide an environment of zero trust and safety for business and families to operate without fear in today's insecure global internet environment. SURAKSHA is formed by a group of highly driven experienced people keen to establish a One stop shop to provide information security solutions and services to cater to Government, commercial and domestic markets. The management team has over 50+ years' experience in the domain and have well-established market presence with deep networks. The core team is committed to success driven by a passion to deliver value to the market. Deep technical expertise with broad governance and standards-based services, Suraksha offers necessary and immediate services to assist organisations to manage the complexity of cyber threats
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