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Unit 32 Newpark Estates
105 Bamford Street

Christchurch SI 8023
New Zealand
+64 3 982 5283
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Company Profile

Motovated is a rigorous mechanical engineering consultancy. We engineer your vision, reducing your development cost and increasing your profit margins, all while ensuring you get to market on time. Our expert-level use of CAE simulation technologies, including FEA, CFD and Rigid Body Kinematics, began in the US Aerospace industry, where our founder represented Hercules Aerospace to the US Air Force. He continued his advanced use of CAE for Boeing Commercial Aircraft, and in 1999 started Motovated. Motovated works with clients from multiple industries including handling equipment, transportation and manufacturing. We have successfully delivered projects for international clients such as Fisher & Paykel, Taits, Scott Technologies, KiwiRail, Jacon and Vestner. Motovated is well versed in working on remote projects and managing jobs across New Zealand and Australia. Our methods and systems ensure the best result for our clients. At Motovated, we Engineer your Vision!

Products and Services

Transport Engineering, including Marine, Rail & Road.
Mechanical Simulation & Analysis via FEA, CFD & RBK
Materials Handling including Certification
Mechanical Engineering Design
Product Development
Project Management