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Wiley & Co Pty Ltd is a project delivery company specialising in process engineering solutions in waste to energy, bioenergy, water treatment and food production. These include business case support, project definition, project concept creation, project cost planning, project design and construction. Wiley has been building things for people to work, manufacture, grow, learn, and play in since 1918. We have evolved into an energetic and diverse project delivery company carrying out sophisticated projects for many industries including Food Manufacturing, Education, Defence, Water & Infrastructure, Health, Renewables, Commercial and Horticulture. We are one of Australia's few full-service organisations with the power to offer a complete suite of services in Advice, Design, Engineering, Construction and Project Delivery. It is a multidiscipline technical service company with a reputation for honesty, integrity, quality, innovation, and flexibility.

Products and Services

  • Change Management, Communication & Training
  • Business Advisory
  • Digital Project Delivery
  • Property, Planning & Design
  • Process Engineering
  • Construction Management and Building

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Head Office
100 Ipswich Road
Level 3

Woolloongabba QLD 4102
ABN  40010604869

Other Locations

Pyrmont NSW
Bundaberg QLD
Toowoomba QLD
Dunedin Central, Dunedin 9016 SI
Westmeadows VIC
Engineering Technologies Group (ETG) is a company providing an experienced team focused on the management of the processes related to all accesses of construction in Design, Construction and Refurbishment industry. ETG specialises in Project Management/Controls, Multi-services Building Services Design and Building Services Commissioning Management (SCM). In todays' modern buildings, building services systems are entwined with each other, creating widespread functionality and interdependency. Each system needs to share information and react as a whole if design concepts, energy conservation and occupancy satisfaction and safety are to be achieved effectively, timely and efficiently. Commissioning encompasses the umbrella of tasks, documentation, standards, testing, preparation, start up and configuration required to take a static system through to a fully operational, compliant and functional system.
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+61 03 9455 0761
illumination Physics is a designer and manufacturer of specialist LED lighting equipment aimed primarily at the architectural and themed entertainment market. We are project orientated. We design specifically for the precise circumstances of each building and design intention. We are experts in facade lighting integration and industry leaders in building envelope design and construction. Bespoke light fixtures are pervasive within any illumination Physics lighting solution. We are atypical in the lighting business in that we can provide a complete suite of services as required - Design, Manufacturing, Delivery,Installation, Testing & Commissioning. We can also provide content creation for animated displays and media walls. illumination Physics has offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and Europe as well as representatives in UK, Greece, Cyprus, UAE, Indonesia and India.
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+61 3 8371 0100
Intrax Consulting Engineers is an end-to-end supplier that provides a broad base of engineering services including structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, surveying and geotechnical engineering to the building and land development industries. At Intrax we focus on understanding our clients' needs and objectives by listening and communicating properly, and then planning carefully to coordinate internally and externally to meet those objectives. Our pointed focus on these aspects of our work means that we guarantee to provide an optimised, end to end quality assured solution that mitigates risk and meets the clients' objectives. The market sectors portfolio in which Intrax currently operates are: * Community Infrastructure * Industrial * Buildings and Property (Commercial and Residential) * Healthcare * Childcare * Education and Training * Local Government * Land Development * Infrastructure Find out more at www.intrax.com.au
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