CBG Systems

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9 Bender Drive
Derwent Park TAS 7009

+61 3 6272 6105
+61 3 6273 1716

ABN  80096508897

Company Profile

CBG Systems is an Australian company specializing in the supply and installation of fire, thermal and acoustic insulation systems for a range of marine, industrial and commercial clients. CBG also offers Solar∑Shield (SolarSigmaShield) a state of the art signature management solutions for land equipment. For more than 30 years we have been a leading innovator, setting benchmarks in the marine insulation and lightweight passive fire protection industry. Our products are designed to save lives – and save money. CBG systems are recognised for excellence by the US military and by merchant marine and military operators worldwide.

Products and Services

Rapid Access Composite (RAC)
Rapid Access Composite PLUS (RAC PLUS)
Rapid Access Stainless (RAS)
Rapid Access Navy - 30 (RAN-30) is designed to provide 30 minutes of SFP in case of a hydrocarbon fire in accordance with NAVSEA requirements (N30 Fire Protection.
Solar / Sigmashield is a solution for solar heat load reduction and multispectral signature management. Solar / Sigmashield can be designed for, and installed on any system operating in intense heat climate.
CBG Systems (CBG)has highly trained teams of insulation technicians with many years of experience providing insulation services. Our technicians are very experience in dealings with the various stakeholders of the building projects, delivering premium insulation services while cooperating with the other trades involved in the building project. This includes the design office, project owner and liaison with class societies or approval agents.


ISO 9001:2015
RAC, RAC PLUS and RAS are MED and USCG approved systems in compliance with IMO and FTP Code regulations.
“RAN-30” Tested by SWRI in accordance with MIL-STD-3020, Department of Defence Standard Practice, Fire Resistance of U.S. Naval Ships. The product complies with all US Navy requirements including shock tests.