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Australian Stonemasonry and Tiling Specialists Pty Ltd was established in 2001 and have provided stonemasonry and tiling services including stone cladding, stone tiling, monumental stonework, and fireplaces for nearly 20 years. Our projects include all facets of Stonemasonry and Tiling. Domestic and commercial clients can guarantee our new age innovation and design to meet any stone project, with traditional, old fashioned attention to detail. We are skilled in all Stone types such as natural, faux and reconstituted stone, granite, marble and limestone. The company is well-respected and trusted within domestic and commercial markets because of many years of satisfied clients, architectural firms, stone companies and many more. We have many ongoing return clients for refurbishment and restoration of new and existing stonework. The team work to complete each section of the project, in a professional manner, ensuring complete attention to detail.

Products and Services

  • Mechanical stone fixing
  • Heritage restoration
  • Balustrading
  • Stone walls
  • Engineered stone
  • All types of stone and stone finishes.


  • Qualified Stonemasons
  • Qualified Tilers

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Company office
11 Virae Street
The Gap QLD 4061
+61 7 3122 7497
+61 421 427 319
ABN  44634477035
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+61 7 3713 7677
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