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Mineline Maintenance Services Pty Ltd (MMS) has over 50 years combined experience in the mining sector, including iron ore, copper, and gold. We maintain and service mining equipment. Therefore, we recommend and practice preventative maintenance. Our aim is to provide our customers with solutions to eliminate carry back on conveyor systems by implementing the correct selection of belt cleaners and Vee plough combinations, to suit the application. MMS believes the importance to having standardisation of belt cleaners across all conveyors where possible. This allows the customer to reduce belt cleaner components and suppliers, also to minimize inventory levels for warehousing purposes, which will result in cost reduction. We are the distributor for Bell Banne conveyor products for Western Australia. Our clients include Rio Tinto, FMG and BHP.

Products and Services

  • Conveyor belt cleaner auditing and reporting.
  • Conveyor belt cleaner recommendations and upgrades.
  • Conveyor belt cleaner installation
  • Conveyor belt cleaner and Vee-plough installations.
  • Conveyor Belt cleaner familiarisation training.
  • Break down of belt cleaner components per system.
  • Onsite shutdown services and maintenance
  • Conveyor Belt X-ray and Scanning
  • Interim inspection and adjustments
  • Project installation

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Head Office
31 Hensbrook Loop
Forrestdale WA 6112
ABN  65167568014
+61 08 9315 8000
HOSCH provide flexible and effective belt cleaning, tracking and conveyor maintenance solutions by combining superior technology and high quality materials. HOSCH guarantees optimum belt cleaning resulting in substantial cost savings. We also provide specialist consultation services and technical support in through our Engineering Department. Our product is further supported onsite through our service and maintenance department.
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+61 02 9618 9400
Belle Banne Conveyor Products This Company supply Conveyor Belt Cleaners, Conveyor Idlers, Conveyor Skirting Systems, Ceramic, Natural and Fras Rubber Lagging and other conveyor products throughout Australia.
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Striving for Excellence and Pioneering Solutions since 2013 Direct Wind Services Pty Ltd is an Independent Service Provider (ISP) to the Australian wind energy sector offering a wide variety of services. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations and deliver tailored solutions through our highly skilled, well-prepared, passionate and supported team. With technicians based across all Australian States, our dedicated team have quick and direct access to wind farms in most regions. We strive to meet our customer expectations through living our values of: TEAMWORK - Accomplishing more together EXCELLENCE - commitment in all that we do RESPECT - each other and the world in which we operate
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