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Holland Rail Services Australia is a dedicated engineering-based company servicing the railroad and related industries. Since our founding in 1935, Holland has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive and progressive transportation solutions. With the largest fleet of Mobile Welders on the globe, we are proud to be the industry leader in flash-butt welding. With the introduction of our laser welding service for special trackwork, and our thermite welding teams, we offer solutions for every rail welding need. We design, manufacture, operate and maintain our own equipment allowing us to be not only the most efficient, but also the most innovative. From track measurement devices to rail trains, to load securement products and locomotive services, we strive to be a true solutions partner to the rail industry.

Products and Services

  • Flash-Butt Welding
  • Laser Welding
  • Thermite Welding
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Track Measurement Devices
  • Load Securement products
  • Locomotive Services

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Head Office
Unit 2101
1 Geoffrey Bolton Avenue

Perth WA 6000
+61 438 300 096
ABN  47644070235
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