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Be more efficient in the way you monitor people who enter your workplace. Body Temperature Technology has the capability to scan and detect people who may have a raising temperature. This can be great investment as you return to work.

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245 St Kilda Road
St Kilda VIC
Australia 3182
1300 893 859
+61 405 178 233
ABN  97541861004
+61 7 4038 2210
We are Australia's leading CBRNE and Exploitation experts. With over 80 years of real-world field experience, we have a deep understanding of the operator, equipment, and environmental interfaces. This means we are perfectly positioned to provide Australia's first responders, military forces, border control and other security agencies with tomorrow's cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of today's challenges.
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+61 08 8407 5151
Since its foundation in 1964, ECH has established itself as a highly respected and trusted provider of ageing care services in South Australia. Today, ECH is one of the largest not-for-profit providers of integrated retirement living accommodation and ageing care services that enable people to continue to live independently at home as they age. ECH is a registered Australian charity established for the benefit of its clients and as such there are no shareholders. Any profits are reinvested to increase and improve services provided. ECH has been trusted by generations and year after year it has proven to be financially sound with a strong balance sheet. You can be assured that ECH will continue to provide support when you need it most
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Holland Rail Services Australia (HRSA) is a recognized global leader in the manufacture, operation, maintenance, technical knowledge and innovation that support our Mobile Flash-Butt Welding solutions. In that leadership role, we work in close partnership with our customers to successfully advance the safety, quality, and productivity of every operation we manage and every flash-butt weld we put in track.
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