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Stratum's core capabilities relate to software solutions which are applied in a number of specialised areas, such as; Automated voice communications across diverse applications, Voting solutions for government, including electronic voting and counting, online voting, telephone voting and back off election management systems and work flow systems, and Software development and programming, including solution design and integration. Stratum's key strengths are associated with quality, high reliability and efficiency.

Products and Services

  • Software methodologies and Design
  • Software Engineering
  • IVR and Interactive Voice Response systems
  • Election Management and voting systems
  • Enterprise Resource Management and workflow
  • Prison and inmate communications systems


  • ISO 9001:2015

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Head Office
935 Station Street
Box Hill North VIC 3129
+61 3 9276 1937
+61 411 642 788
ABN  70627823812
We are software integration specialists, with multiple global awards for our delivery and methodologies from over 15 years experience. Our methods, processes and frameworks implement next-practice techniques for interoperability across cloud, on-premise, and hybrid cloud solutions. We deliver quality outcomes, supplemental resourcing, or managed services engagements for software integration.
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+61 08 8100 1200
Rider Levett Bucknall provides independent cost consultancy services and advisory services across all sectors of the construction industry. Our services include: - Cost Planning, Estimating, Quantity Surveying -Infrastructure Cost Planning Services -Advisory Services, including Net Personal and Operating Cost, Life Cycle Costing, Risk Management and Value Management.
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Fencing Victoria offers you a team of highly qualified personnel, reliable plant and equipment and extensive industry knowledge. A wide variety of experience across the construction, commercial and rural sectors is the leverage we use to deliver high quality, cost effective fencing solutions to meet the demands of project partners and asset owners.
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