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Exact Tech Australia Pty Ltd is a precision manufacturer of plastics, composites and metals to aviation and space quality, using methods including moulding, EBM, and laser sintering. We deliver low cost, small run trusted products quickly. We have a specialist capability in manufacturing metal injection moulded, electron beam melted, and laser sintered, and 3D printed titanium precision machined to close interference fit standards and for durable, strong, and lightweight structural integration with composite materials. This approach offers low cost and risk of through life corrosion, while ensuring low weight and highest structural integrity and compliance with contemporary engineering standards. We are part owned by and represent MetalTech Engineering of Hamilton NZ which has a 60-year heritage in manufacturing precision metal, composite, and plastic components in small and large batches. The business continues to supply manufactured product for aviation, space, and weapons.

Products and Services

  • 10 CNC machines including 5 axis simultaneous capability
  • Full Manual Machine Bay including, cylindrical surface, thread grinding, gun drilling, EDM, Wirecut
  • AMS 2759 Heat Treatment Facility for steel and alloyed materials
  • Inspection/Gauge room with 3 CMM's, optical projectors, surface roughness, roundness'/Straightness and standard equipment
  • Traceability and scheduling via ERP system
  • Proven specialist supply chain including coatings, plating and additional machining capabilities
  • Project Management
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Process Design
  • CAD Design

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NSW Office
1615 Jamberoo Mountain Road

Knights Hill NSW 2577
+61 400 675 714
ABN  83640721473
+61 8 9455 9355
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