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Stonestar is an Australian owned company with over 20 years' experience in manufacturing Trailers and wholesaling Wheels, Cargo, Machinery, Medical Supplies and Solar Energy. We have global connections in several industry sectors and have a strong network of suppliers and partners allowing us to serve our customers market leading products and services. Through our long-term business operations along with lucrative and diverse product investments Stonestar has developed into the stable, reliable, and respectable Stonestar Group. With global connections in several industry sectors we have a strong network of suppliers and partners allowing us to confidently serve our customers market leading products and services. We treat our customers with the utmost care, acting of the best intentions to serve them.

Products and Services

  • Trailers
  • Solar Energy
  • Panamax ship-owner
  • Machinery
  • Freight and Commodity
  • Medical Equipment

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special vehicale manufactory
42-48 Redwood Drive
Dingley Village VIC 3172
+61 3 9580 9788
+61 411 641 321
ABN  24163644184
+61 07 3256 8916
Wiring Harnesses Australia are specialists in the design and manufacturing of wiring harnesses for the automotive, mining, heavy industrial, marine and agricultural industries. Our team of auto-electricians and in-house drafting capability means that we can help you to design a high quality and responsive wiring system to reduce downtime, speed up installation and improve productivity. We specialise in manufacturing OEM alternative wiring harnesses, custom products to suit client specific requirements and a range of aftermarket systems for vehicle fleets. Our wiring harnesses contain the highest quality connectors and wire and undergo rigorous testing to ensure our systems are durable in the harshest of conditions.
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+61 8 8234 2670
We are a well-established company specialising in the manufacture of high-quality cable assemblies for industry.
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When it comes to railway maintenance and construction, especially in a market as busy as Sydney, the challenge for rail work companies is to have the availability and equipment to efficiently supply their needs. We are the leaders in this high-demand industry with vast and deep experience. With our world-class skill set and well-maintained machinery, we get the job done and deliver on all commitments.
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