Greentech Poly Pty Ltd

Contact Details

Head Office

25 Acheson Crescent
Woodvale WA 6026
+61 409 234 573

ABN  36611882038

Company Profile

Greentech Poly Pty Ltd is an Australian company that is committed to providing high end Green Safe and Environmentally Friendly products. For over 2 years Green Tech Poly have been supplying quality plastic products that are both durable and safe, while protecting the Australian environment. From our High-end safe Fuel storage tanks to our Recycling sorting products, and along with our Marine & Rainwater harvesting tanks, we are sure that we have something that will keep Australia efficient, Clean and Safe for generations to come. Greentech Poly are the authorised distributor for JFC Marine Products and JFC Polska Fuel storage and Civils products in Australia. We partner with Greentech Homes, a Western Australian business that focuses on sustainability and providing energy efficient solutions.

Products and Services

JFC Group are ISO 9001 accredited and all products are certified to national and International standards.
Marine - Navigation Aids, Data buoys, Moorings Aquaculture
Fuel storage - Australian Certified Polyethylene double bunded fuel storage tanks
Rainwater Harvesting and storage tanks
Civils - Poly pipe & water attenuation Tanks


ISO 9001/ 2015
BSI Australia