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Formed in 2015, D&J's Civil Construction Pty Ltd have a proven site management and supervisory team, experienced workforce and a reliable fleet of plant and equipment. With a willingness to provide innovative solutions to enable time and cost saving measures. D&J's Civil Construction Pty Ltd are capable of undertaking projects both a large and small scale. We are 100% committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety, quality and provide timely, honest and reliable service; delivering better outcomes for all stakeholders and rewarding opportunities for our people. We strive to win repeat work with clients which demonstrate to us that we are meeting our core values.

Products and Services

  • Pipe Line Construction including concrete structures
  • Live Connections
  • Bulk Earth Works
  • Drainage
  • PE Lining Supply & Installation


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

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COmpany Yard
38 Prairie Road, Ormeau Qld, Australia
Ormeau QLD 4208
+61 7 3807 9692
+61 426 968 087
ABN  54605884080
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