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Challenge Engineering is a single-source provider for all types of CNC machined parts. 2021 Awarded Federal Defence Global Competitiveness Grant. CNC machine precision parts as per customer specs. ISO 9001:2015. Our CNC machines turn and mill volume runs of 50 to 5,000 pieces. Both metal and plastic parts. These components are used in a variety of industries such as heavy-duty industrial equipment manufacturing, defence, rail, transportation, and mining. Customers include Downer Rail and BAE. Proven manufacturer for Defence. Currently machining parts for BAE Systems Australia via Calm Aluminium for use in Enhanced System Sparrow Missiles (ESSM) on Australian, US and NATO Naval ships. July 2021 Awarded a Federal Defence Global Competitiveness Grant to help fund the purchase of an additional high-tech CNC machine. Challenge Engineering offers complete manufacturing solutions that involve broaching, milling, heat treatment and plating. Do contact us with your RFQ.

Products and Services

  • 5 Axis CNC Turning & Milling
  • Precision Machining
  • Parts Manufacture
  • Repetitive Engineering
  • Machining of Metal & Plastic
  • Heat Treatment


  • AS/NZS ISO9001:2015

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Factory & Head Office
6/10 Straits Ave
South Granville NSW 2142
ABN  71119919407
+61 8 9455 9355
VEEM Ltd is a marine technology company specialising in propulsion and stabilisation systems. VEEM also manufactures bespoke products and services for the marine, defence and mining industries. Established in 1968 and based in Perth, Western Australia, VEEM supplies products and services domestically and abroad. VEEM has a continuous research and development program with high levels of intellectual property protection. VEEM works closely with its existing clients to develop new products to meet the market requirements for the best available technology based solutions. The Company's naval architecture and mechanical engineering teams draw from experience in a wide range of market sectors, resulting in the ability to derive innovative and effective products for VEEM customers. VEEM's facilities consist of four workshops covering 10,500m2 and surrounding land. VEEM operates the largest non-ferrous foundry in Australia, with up to 25 tonne crane capacity.
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Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS - A) is a high-performing engineering business experienced in project management, advanced manufacturing and delivery of value for money solutions. Our internationally recognised staff have 30 years of experience in the application and delivery of new composites technology solutions and products. Our expertise in engineering design, simulation, analysis, manufacturing, composite materials development, repair and product development has been delivered to many organizations to gain a competitive advantage using carbon fibre composites technologies.
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At Arentz and KKG Engineering we provide medium to heavy metal fabrication services of batch production and one-off items, specialising in the manufacture of steel components. We produce items to customer specification based on drawings provided to us with high levels of flexibility in terms of what we can manufacture. We have been in operation since 1954 and have a long history of working with multi-national companies; because of this we are price competitive at a global level. Our manufacturing processes include steel, stainless steel and aluminium welding, CNC pressing, CNC machining, CNC rolling, and cutting, all at Australian Standards.
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