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COLLNT Pty Ltd is privately and 100% indigenous owned company. We are experts in a variety of industry fields including asset maintenance, construction, civil works, project management, etc focussing on excellent service through the application of standardised systems, innovative ideas, reliable best practice methods and transparent communication in all business we do. Our ability, passion and can-do attitude is reflected through each of the multi-cultural and multi-skilled members of the team. Our approach to our local NT community is to support business, local enterprises as well as initiatives in line with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry, applicable to the Northern Territory.

Products and Services

  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Civil
  • Fencing


  • CAL and Supply Nation

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Head Office
25 Mighall Place
Unit 3

Holtze NT 0829
+61 8 8947 2598
ABN  84620180298
+61 08 8947 4328
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