Enviro Australis Pty. Ltd.

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25-27 Breakneck Hill Road
Angaston SA 5353

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ABN  47615071862

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Until now, effectively removing pollutants from stormwater has been a complex series of trash racks, pits and GPTs. Sure, that works but at what cost? Now there is a quick and simple alternative to a stormwater treatment train...welcome to a new era! Enviro now also designs and manufactures process water filters to suit many applications e.g. horticulture, agriculture, aquaculture and viticulture. These filters enable the user to recycle and reuse process water, reducing water use and costs. We have developed new technology for increasing dissolved oxygen at depth to reduce organic load, which is the cause of biological oxygen demand. This enables natural processes to improve the quality of stagnant or slow-moving water as well as enabling stocks of aquatic products like fish and prawns to be increased without building more ponds. We can also offer remote monitoring for data collection via our partner Enzen.

Products and Services

Storm water:
G series - aimed at low impact catchments such as residential estates.
E series - recommended for catchments where commercial and industrial activities occur. A dewatered sump is also an available option.
H series - adds to the E series and includes oil/water separation. For catchments where there is risk of oil spillage.
Process water:
PWF-10 - process water filter enables users to clean process water for reuse. Reducing water used and reducing water costs. Designed to suit the specific industry. The unit shown on this site can process 2 ML water/day reducing water costs to a possible 40c/KL.
PWFC - Clarifier removes suspended materials in wash water in one step and can be reused for irrigation, industrial wash down e.g. wine production.
DO Injection Head - for injecting oxygen in water at depth to reduce BOD and enable natural processes to return water to natural state or for aquatic products like fish and prawns grown inland to improve stock rates.


G, E and H series meet the Australian Runoff Quality guideline (ARQ)
H series has been accredited to comply with EN858-1, Class 1.