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Wexcon Pty Ltd was established in 2017. In our short period of operation, we have become the specialists in the supply and erection of innovative Formwork solutions as well as offering a full steel fixing and concrete placement service. Extensive expertise, minimal overheads, comprehensive management skills and direct labour resources enable us to deliver safe, cost effective results for projects of any size. We have a wealth of project management experience, being involvement in a multitude of complex projects throughout Sydney, delivering successfully to some of Sydney's top tier contractors. We offer a fully inclusive concrete placement service including ordering, pumping, placing, supervising, and finishing. Projects include Cronulla Boat Ramp upgrade, Sydney Metro Barangaroo Station and Quakers Hill Wastewater Recycling Plant, Macarthur Water Filtration Plant Upgrade, Sydney Airport Southeast Apron Development and St Mary's Wastewater Recycling Plant Upgrade.

Products and Services

  • Formwork
  • Steel fixing
  • Concrete


  • RMS B80 Qualified Crews

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Unit 9, 17 Power Avenue,
Alexandria NSW 2015
+61 473 900 530
ABN  77622646744
+61 4 6618 4246
Shotcrete Australia is a medium sized privately-owned construction company specializes in providing shoring solution with proven expertise in Anchoring, Piling and Shotcreting. Shotcrete Australia offers competitive rates with high quality workmanship and exceptional service, Through the ongoing training of our employee's and the use of the latest technology and machinery. At Shotcrete Australia, safety is our top priority so, we maintain one of the highest safety records within the industry. Shotcrete Australia understands the needs of major top tier construction contractors that require the delivery of key components of work within a set time frame & budget in the constraints of the modern complex construction world. The commitment of our team at all levels from construction director to foreman & on-site labour, allows us to consistently deliver all types of projects safely, on time and within budget.
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MBB Consulting are a specialist resourcing and project management consultancy catering to the Australian engineering and infrastructure sectors. Our specialised team brings together a wide range of skill sets including project management, engineering, procurement, estimating, quantity surveying and risk management. Our services are tailored to provide our clients with exceptional outcomes across all stages of the project life cycle.
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Our goal at Martek Constructions Group, is to provide a high standard of services and workmanship on all our projects. With attention to detail and a professional approach to all jobs, we have helped several builders and developers from various industries achieve success through the niche services that we provide. We, at Martek believe that the safest jobs are the most profitable and productive, which is why we refuse to make compromises in that regard. We place safety as the highest priority in that we do! Health and Safety are at the forefront of everything we do, which is why we believe that it is paramount to ensure that the appropriate controls are put in place to create a safe work environment for all.
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