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Finlease Australia is a 30-year, family owned equipment finance business. We provide equipment finance solutions to capital intensive industries. Finlease is the largest privately owned equipment finance firm in the country. Last year, Finlease facilitated ~$500 million in equipment finance funding. With offices in every state, Finlease has been able to create a strong national presence that supports customers in all industries We can arrange finance for whatever you desire - Cars, Boats, Aircraft, Property, Equipment and more and our clients, some with over 20 years loyalty, range from individuals to large private companies wanting anything from the occasional car or property to millions of dollars in machinery.

Products and Services

  • Equipment Finance
  • Motor Vehicle Finance
  • Aircraft and Marine Finance
  • Property Finance

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Remote office
233 Thomas Road
Humpty Doo NT 0836
+61 448 481 335
ABN  35003752636
+61 02 8384 9255
Traffic WorX provides professional and high quality services and has the experience and capabilities to deliver excellent results. We are proud of our ability to adapt to the rapidly evolving world of the Traffic Management industry by providing innovative solutions to match the needs of our customer. With many years of experience in the Traffic management industry we guarantee the Quality of our services. We maintain a highly ethical approach to business. Protection of confidentially and intellectual rights of our clients is always a major priority. The establishment of good working relationships with our clients is the key to the success of the company. Our team combines hands on expertise with leadership skills to enable the developments of highly professional work teams within the business
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+61 03 9864 6700
ICN Victoria is part of the Industry Capability Network (ICN), a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand companies to projects large and small. In essence, we offer a new business source for suppliers and a sophisticated search service for project managers.ICN is an independent organisation financially supported by Australian, New Zealand, state and territory governments. Since it started 36 years ago, ICN has helped local suppliers find $30 billion worth of contracts.
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+61 07 3806 1366
Our aspiration is to create spaces you can be proud of, no matter what the sector. Spaces that serve the communities they are part of and champion you as a Builder.
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