JLM Contracting Services Pty Ltd

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JLM Contracting Services Pty Ltd is a dynamic local wholly Australian owned company of Top End construction contractors and engineers based in Palmerston. We provide a wide range of affordable and professional services including civil and structural construction and maintenance and other related services.We also offer expertise in across the board services where no project is too small, too large or too difficult. JLM particularly offers unique experience and versatility in Engineering, Planning and Infrastructure delivery areas of Local Government. JLM are the “go to” people for difficult jobs and have a history of producing positive outcomes for its clients.

Products and Services

  • Civil Construction
  • Stormwater Drains
  • Excavation & Earthmoving
  • Street Sign Audits
  • Drain Grates
  • Civil Consultancy Services
  • Road Re-Construction
  • Concrete/Asphalt Driveways
  • Shed/Slab Construction
  • Footpath Construction
  • Carparks
  • Kerbing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Demolition
  • Tree Pruning and Removal
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation
  • Play Equipment Maintenance
  • Park Inspections


  • Advanced Safety System Australia Compliance Certificate
  • ISO9001 Quality Assurance Management System
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System
  • AS/NZS4801 Safety Management System
  • Contractor Accreditation Limited (CAL) D-2-16934-11-18

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Contact Details

Base Location
48 Bilby Road
Virginia NT 0834
ABN  73159091826
+61 08 8930 2500
Intract Australia Pty Limited (Intract) is Indigenous owned and operated. We are one of the largest genuine, non-government funded, private sector employers of Indigenous personnel. Intract provides civil construction, building construction, building maintenance, asbestos remediation and demolition services for clients nationally. We are remote and regional specialists.
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+61 8 8947 0774
East Arm Civil is a privately-owned Territorian company, specialising in Civil Construction projects in remote, regional and urban settings in the Northern Territory. Our company spans 25 plus years' experience in the Public & Private Civil Infrastructure, Defence, Mining, Oil and Gas Industries. Previously worked for Alcan Gove for 10 years as a prime Civil Contractor and Ichthys Onshore LNG for 7 years.
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AMJ Demolition & Excavation is a privately-owned Sydney-based Company that has been established since 2009. Our objective is to service our clients in both the civil construction and demolition industries. Its Parent company Antouns Construction Pty Ltd has been established since 2003. Our objective is to maintain and continuously improve the Company's ability to meet our clients demands and expectations at highest quality at competitive rates, on schedule, whilst maintaining a viable profitable business. AMJ Demolition & Excavation has the capacity and expertise to engage in a diverse range of sectors in civil engineering & Construction, including: Demolition (commercial, Industrial & Residential) Bulk & Detailed Excavation Civil Works Plant Hire Asbestos Removal Works Contamination Removal and Site Remediation Land Fill Works Strip outs Other associated Works
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