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Sydney Security Services specialises in the supply of static guards, mobile patrol, CCTV and alarm responses. We are driven by our objective to provide professional security services, high in quality, value and reliability, at an affordable cost to your business. We are a privately owned Australian company, which has been servicing businesses throughout Australia for more than ten years. Sydney Security Services (Aus) Pty Limited key executives and all security officers are trained in counter measures. All executives remain on call to support our operations department when necessary. Our quality assurance measures ensure that all officers are continually supported and supervised by our field based operations managers and our 24 hour call centre. Our experience, professionalism and price effectiveness has companies consistently choosing to use our services ahead of our competitors.

Products and Services

  • Security officers
  • Static guards
  • Security patrols (random and scheduled)
  • Cash in transit
  • Loss prevention officers
  • K9 guard dog unit
  • Event management
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic control


  • ISO 9001:2015Quality Management System
  • Occupational Health & Safety & Safety Management Systems.
  • ISO 4001:2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 27001:2015 Information & Data Safety Systems

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Contact Details

Head Office
16a Kelso Crescent
Moorebank NSW 2170
(0130) 030 3677
+61 455 555 375
ABN  49129218033

Other Locations

Surfers Paradise QLD
Melbourne VIC
West Perth WA
+61 03 9661 0500
MC Labour is committed to understanding the unique needs of each individual project and client. When working with MC Labour, you will receive an efficient, cost effective and quality labour hire solution, tailored specifically to suit your exact requirements. We have an industry leading database of more than 20,000 experienced personnel who can be mobilised at short notice, across a broad range of industries. We will always have a workforce solution for your business. Specialising in employment services for both temporary and contract labour hire, our site experienced operations team are committed to delivering effective and measurable labour solutions across all industry sectors including Building, Civil & Rail Construction, Security Services, Traffic Management and Control, & Solar Energy.
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Labour Hire and Traffic Management Services
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Thank you for the opportunity to present our credentials. We believe our business solutions team is well placed to understand and meet the growth needs of your business. We have a combined 50 years experience supporting construction and trades organisations to meet their compliance obligations, often resulting in improved reputation and business growth. As experts in health and safety, quality and environmental standards we will ensure your business achieves and maintains compliance and certification. We provide a range of advice and solutions from ready-to-implement packages to customised integrated management systems responsive to your future growth. We also assist your business to grow sustainably, through strategic tendering and project managing new work. We would love to help you achieve your compliance and business growth goals and look forward to the opportunity to make a face-to-face presentation to your management team.
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