AR Specialised Services Pty. Ltd.

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23 Davey Street
Australia 3840

61 03 51348884
61 043 4100160
61 03 51348883
ABN  49479034855

Company Profile

AR Specialised Services is a family business based in Victorias Latrobe Valley at Morwell. We provide 24 hour precision high pressure water cleaning, blasting, industrial vacuuming and painting services and, for many clients we tailor our service to specifically meet their needs providing a 100% quality service.
Utilising a fleet of diverse mobile based equipment we service multiple organisations in industries such as power, water, food manufacturing and petrochemical both intra and interstate. We have also undertaken maintenance works of significant public infrastructure including precise demolition work within the construction industry as part of concrete degradation maintenance.
AR Specialised Services has a small core of permanent personnel and a diverse and varied list of at call, multi skilled personnel allowing us to undertake multiple projects, around the clock if required.
Industry experience held by both core and at call personnel is extensive with multi discipline compe