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HellermannTyton is a leading manufacturer and supplier of products for fastening, fixing, installing, connecting, insulating, protecting, and identifying electrical cables and data network infrastructure. We also develop parts for customer-specific industrial applications. We operate 18 manufacturing facilities and develop products in 13 countries. With 6,000 employees in 39 countries, we can offer you first-class service and advice. Our product portfolio contains over 60,000 leading products. We also develop pioneering systems in the field of data and network technology for our customers. Our understanding of different sectors is what sets us apart as an industrial partner and makes us unique. This market knowledge enables us to achieve tangible benefits for our customers - such as time savings, weight reductions or lower maintenance costs. The industries we support include Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Agriculture, Defence, Solar Plants and Wind turbines to name a few.

Products and Services

  • Cable Ties and Fixings
  • Insulation
  • Cable Protection Systems
  • Electrical Installation
  • Identification Systems
  • Application Tooling

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Sales and warehouse facility
Unit2/12-14 Mangrove Lane
Taren Point

Sydney NSW 2229
+61 2 9540 3955
ABN  58004528778
+61 3 5443 8233
For almost a century Keech has supplied Australia and the world with innovative products in mining, excavation, construction, agriculture, rail transport and defence. We are internationally accredited and renowned for our innovation and quality. Keech innovation Keech Australias materials and technical engineers, scientists, innovators, patternmakers and QA specialists work together on world-class projects for our global customers in mining, defence, transport and agriculture. From better mining buckets to cutting edge ground engaging tools and wear components, we continue to innovate from the ground up. We operate from Bendigo in regional Victoria, and are proud to be a major manufacturer and local employer. We invite you to learn more about our company and how our employees work together to maintain our long and proud tradition, and our internationally renowned reputation. Designed and made in Australia for the toughest work in earth.
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+61 8 9049 2733
Westkey specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of portable buildings, mining camps, modular accommodation, kit homes and transportable houses to the WA mining and construction industries. Using specialist knowledge of remote-site conditions, Westkey is in a unique position to offer mining camps and portable building solutions that meet client, site and WA legislative requirements. Clients are spoilt for choice with supply only or complete turn-key project solutions that offer different infrastructure combinations to suit each project, location and budget. Equipment and Facilities As Westkey continues to grow so has its capacity for undertaking more work concurrently, initiated by a significant investment in a seamless integration system. Westkey boasts state-of-the-art equipment and facilities including three Rollformers at their premises in Wangara, north of Perth. Additional facilities, located in Malaysia, are under Westkey management and adhere to BCA and International Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001. The equipment and manufacturing facilities allow for the capability to undertake major mining camp construction without compromising on excellent delivery times, quality work and full compliance to individual mine site and company Occupational Health and Safety Standards. Speed Westkey camp systems have been designed to allow for fast and efficient mobilisation and complete camp installations that work around client project timelines. They are known to deliver 150-man camps within 16 weeks or sooner and their most recent Mooka Camp project has been completed in only six months. All transportable buildings and mobile camps are robust, low maintenance and engineered for demanding field conditions in remote areas. Westkey's advanced computer technology has also eliminated the chance of error in the steel rolling process, further aiding accuracy and efficiency in production, for exceptional turnaround times. Convenience Westkey has a wide selection of transportable building designs suited to resource and construction companies working at remote sites in the North West of WA. The Westkey engineering and design team is supported by professional electrical and mechanical technicians to keep up with market demand for: Safer camp accommodation and related infrastructure Greater mobility required by mining and construction companies Reduced camp installation time for quick starts and uninterrupted project operations Camps are installed in such a manner that it is quickly operational, easy to maintain and services are ready to be connected at hand-over. Westkey provides electrical, mechanical and engineering systems for the following configurations: Kitchen/Dining/Mess areas Village Accommodation Ablution Facilities and Laundries Gymnasium/Recreational areas First Aid/Training centres Communication centres Gate Houses EPCM Offices Administration buildings Customised buildings Quality Assurance Westkey is committed to the principles of Quality Assurance in their business' operating procedures and manufacturing practices to ensure continued customer satisfaction and company growth. The commitment to quality and the philosophy of continuous improvement is seen as the collective responsibility of all employees, contractors and sub-contractors. As a recognised supplier of choice, Westkey is committed to the implementation and maintenance of a quality management system compliant with the requirements of the International Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001. Compliance BCA - Building Code Australia (Australian, State and Territory Government Regulations) International Standards AS/NZS ISO 9001 (Refer to Certificate of Compliance) NASH - National Association of Steel Framed Housing Inc. HIA - Housing Industry Australia Inspection Test Plans (ITP) Stages Steel Base Flooring Concrete Base Flooring Steel Roof and Wall Truss manufacturing Wall and Panel erecting Roof erecting Environment Westkey uses eco-friendly processes and materials in all their designs and products. Clients get an environmentally friendly building solution that minimises the effects on nature, maximises the use of recycled materials and with a BCA Energy Efficient rating, it is constructed to conserve energy.
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+61 13 0023 5326
"Employee Driven Continuous Improvement" Locally owned and based in Australia, Makoto Asia Pacific focuses on the deployment of Lean business principles and practices across a wide range of industries. We transform businesses through growth strategy, rather than just cost-cutting. We are effective at engaging people, getting them excited, and on-side. We guarantee results in numbers as well as smiles.
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