VS Enviro Pty. Ltd. (trading as) Vital Signs Environmental

Contact Details

Head office

245 Palmvale Road
Palmvale NSW 2484

+61 02 6677 7115
+61 02 6677 7115

ABN  73151855275

Other Locations

Machans Beach QLD

Company Profile

Experienced and professional environmental services provider. 17 years specialising in large scale projects including mine sites, road and rail and port infrastructure projects. Spotter catcher services (terrestrial and aquatic), fauna and flora assessments, marine fauna observers and staff fauna awareness training

Products and Services

Wildlife management services Spotter catcher
Fauna and flora surveys assessments
Marine fauna observers MFO
Koala Spotters
Snake handling training
Wildlife awareness training


Spotter catcher rehabilitation permit
Scientific research permit
Qld Ethics
NSW Ethics
TMR service provider
BHP vendor approved