New Schools 2022 Program

The Victorian Government has committed to deliver hundreds of upgrades, brand new schools, and early childhood centres across the State through the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), part of the Department of Education and Training (DET). The intense level of population growth in many metropolitan and regional communities necessitates a large number of new facilities that provide community services, including early learning, primary, secondary, and specialist education services. In response to the growing demand within Victoria, DET has identified the need for a number of new schools to open for the 2022 school year.

The New Schools 2022 Program will include the construction of at least eight new schools, including two secondary schools and six primary schools. Co-located early learning and/or community facilities are proposed to be delivered at two of these sites. These schools are expected to open for the 2022 school year.

The VSBA will deliver these new schools in two ‘bundles’ using a ‘design and construct’ procurement model. At the time of tendering, reference design documentation will be completed to approximately 100% Design Development.

The bundles are structured as follows:

  • Bundle A: Bridge Road (Melton) Primary School, Gisborne South Primary School, Gisborne South Early Learning Centre, Grasslands Primary School, Kalkallo Common Primary School, Wollert East Primary School, Wollert East Community Activity Centre which includes early learning and community facilities.
  • Bundle B: Clyde North Station Primary School, Clyde North Station Secondary School and Greenvale Secondary School.

Secondary schools are likely to be delivered in a staged manner. In addition to the schools included in this program, the VSBA will deliver a number of other schools to open in 2022.  These will be tendered separately.


The project is currently in the design phase with the commencement of construction expected around October 2020, with a target Practical Completion date of November 2021.

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