T18-2249 Darwin - TIO Stadium Field 2 - Design and Construct New Facilities

Contact Details

  Nathan Bennett
  +61 447 244 926

  Locations: NT Australia
  Project Status: Awarded

Project Details

** Jaytex has now been awarded this tender with the page information being updated shortly**

Jaytex are tendering on the NT Government's Design and Construct project at TIO Stadium which will provide a change room facility for Field 2. 

Facilities and considerations to be incorporated into the building include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Security:
    1. Salto card swipe system installed to all external doors;
    2. Building security is critical in the areas of windows.
    3. Security system needs to be linked and work in with the existing TIO stadium security system.
    4. Cameras and NVR are to be an Avigaloan system and to be able to match in with the existing TIO stadium system
  2. Visual connections:
    1. Facility should have a good visual connection to Field 2 TIO Stadium.
    2. Way finding from entry gates to facility- the new facility to be easily viewed upon entering the complex without visual clutter impeding connection;
    3. A link to the existing stadium via concrete footpath.
    4. Ideally this facility will visually link with surrounding areas and match in with the theme of the sporting facility
    5. All doors and rooms including switch board rooms are to be labelled with nameplates mechanically fixed to doors
  3. Services:
    1. Consideration of existing services for placing new buildings and new services
    2. To make use of existing infrastructure where-ever possible to minimise costs.
    3. Identified services:

                                          i.    Power

                                         ii.    External lighting for night events

                                        iii.    Data, including CDMA, GWAN (future connection)

                                       iv.    Fire services

                                        v.    Waste water/ Sewerage

                                       vi.    Storm water

                                      vii.    Water supply – fire mains and regular supply

                                     viii.    Vehicle access, roads via existing car parking

                                       ix.    Pedestrian paths

  1. Sustainable architecture:
    1. Providing good shade and rain shelter to materials, indoor and out-door spaces
    2. Giving flexibility to large room space to be naturally ventilated with the assistance of fans, reducing the need to air condition the space in cooler times
    3. Providing good day lighting spaces where ever possible
    4. Choosing materials and construction types that are consistent with current NT construction practices, with lower embodied energy and result in low life cycle energy consumption
    5. Designing wisely for optimal spatial reduction to consume fewer resources
    6. Consideration of wise landscaping opportunities for shade and visual connections
    7. Solar power: allowance for future provision by way of roof design to support panels and face in the correct direction to collect solar energy
  2. Landscaping
    1. Turf grass any disturbed area around new facility with same grass as present in the area or as approved by Superintendent.
    2. Any soil that is excess to building works needs to be transported within the lot and incorporated into landscaping within the lot and grassed until established.

Jaytex are asking interested local suppliers to contact Nathan Bennett on 0447 244 926 or email to discuss this opportunity further. 


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