T18-2082 Adelaide River Floodplain Upgrade Bridgeworks

Contact Details

  Mark Stinton
  (04) 2701 1639

  Locations: NT Australia
  Project Value: $30M
  Project Status: Tender Phase
  Project Owner Territoria Civil

Project Details

Territoria Civil are tendering on T18-2082 Adelaide River Floodplain Upgrade Bridgeworks Project. The Project involves raising the level of the road to improve flood immunity either side of the bridge from chainage 30.200km to 36.840km. The project will reduce the Annual Average Time of Closure (AATOC) from 6.6 days/year to 8 hours/year. No upgrade is proposed to the bridge itself as it has a 1:100 flood immunity.

Proposed Works Include:

  • Supply and installation of thirteen (13) bridges within the upgraded section of the Arnhem Highway. The Thirteen bridges (13) will comprise in total twenty-two (22) bridge spans, with bridges being either single, double or triple span.
  • All Bridges will be of the InQuik modular bridge system, which provides a fully integrated in-situ poured bridge deck.
  • Associated activities including traffic management, concrete works and bridge piling.

All works are offline from the existing road, however the successful contractor will need to interface with the Roadworks contractor for access to site (the Roadworks package has been issued to market separately).

Further information on the project can be found here

Businesses interested in providing services to Territoria Civil on this project are requested to submit an expression of interest against the 'Any Opportunities' package below. 


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