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Project Details

About Netflow Consortium

In November 2017, the Netflow consortium was selected as the preferred bidder to build the Western Roads Upgrade. The Netflow consortium is a Cintra and Plenary joint venture – as project sponsor, with WBHO Infrastructure as design and construction lead, and Ferrovial Services as services contractor.

About the Project

The scope of the Project includes the delivery of a package of Works and Services in Melbourne's Western suburbs. The Works comprise a series of eight road upgrade projects (the Initial Capital Projects) and rehabilitation of existing road pavements and structures within the Project Area (Initial Rehabilitation Works). The Project Area encompasses approximately 800 lane kilometres.

The following roads and associated structures are subject to upgrade works as part of the Initial Capital Projects.

  1. Dunnings Road and Palmers Road upgrade, Point Cook Road to Princes Freeway, Point Cook (approximately 2.8 km)
  2. Palmers Road upgrade, Princes Freeway to Western Freeway, Truganina (approximately 8.8 km)
  3. Derrimut Road upgrade, Sayers Road to Dohertys Road, Tarneit (approximately 3.5 km)
  4. Leakes Road upgrade, Fitzgerald Road to Derrimut Road, Truganina (approximately 8.4 km)
  5. Dohertys Road upgrade, Fitzgerald Road to Grieve Parade, Laverton North (approximately 4 km)
  6. Dohertys Road upgrade, Foundation Road to Palmers Road, Truganina (approximately 1.4 km)
  7. Princes Freeway/Forsyth Road interchange upgrade, Hoppers Crossing (approximately 1.5 km)
  8. Princes Freeway/Duncans Road interchange, Werribee/Werribee South (approximately 0.5 km)

The Services comprise performing routine maintenance and rehabilitation of VicRoads assets within the Project Area for a period of approximately 20 years following completion of the Works (Maintenance Period).

The Netflow Consortium is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from interested suppliers and contractors for a wide range of work packages that will be required to deliver the project. A list of work packages is being constantly updated and uploaded onto this ICN Gateway Page. Refer below for the current list of work packages.

Project Timelines

RFP Phase

RFP Closing Date: 2 August 2017

Announcement of Preferred Respondent(s): October 2017

Contract Close: December 2017

RFP Phases

Transition Phase (for Maintenance): 6 months

Maintenance Phase (Initial): 3-4 years

Maintenance Phase (Full): 20-year period

For the Western Roads Upgrades scope of works, our focus is to assemble a team of subcontractors and suppliers that is well-resourced, understands delivery in the local context, brings strong local relationships, and addresses the state government aims of local industry involvement and development.

Project Opportunities

The Netflow Consortium is seeking Expressions of Interest from companies with capabilities in the following work packages:

Initial Capital Works

  1. Asphalt and Bitumen Seal, Supply and Placement
  2. PVC Pipe, Conduits and Fittings Supply
  3. Electrical and Telecommunication Pits Supply
  4. Traffic Signals Supply and Installation
  5. Quarry and Fill Material Supply
  6. Precast Stormwater Drainage RCP, RCBC and Pits Supply
  7. Kerb and Channel Subcontractor
  8. Ready Mix Concrete Supply
  9. Reinforcing Supply
  10. Precast Concrete Bridge Girders Supply
  11. Guard Fence Supply and Installation
  12. Bridge Rail, Parapet Rail and Anti-Throw Screens Supply and Installation
  13. Elastomeric Bearings and Expansion Joints Supply
  14. Precast Concrete Bridge Parapet Supply
  15. Piling Subcontractor (Supply and Construction)
  16. Bridge Girder Erection Subcontractor (Cranage)
  17. Concrete Pavement Subcontractor (Footpath, Traffic Islands, Medians etc.)
  18. Anti-Graffiti Coating Supply and Application
  19. FRP Subcontractor (Formwork, Reinforcing and Concrete Pouring)
  20. Structural Steelwork (Steel Bridge and Gantry Fabrication)
  21. Water and Sewer Main Relocations Subcontractor
  22. Stormwater Drainage Installation Subcontractor
  23. Reinforced Earth Retaining Walls (Design and Construct Package)
  24. Road Signs Supply and Install
  25. Landscaping Subcontractor
  26. Road Linemarking Subcontractor
  27. Road Lighting Subcontractor (Supply and Installation)
  28. Plant Hire
  29. Traffic Management Crews
  30. Traffic Management Equipment/Barrier Hire
  31. Rail Safety Officers
  32. Road Safety Audits and Traffic Management Design
  33. Vacuum Trucks/Sweepers Hire
  34. Site Office/Shed Hire
  35. Telecommunication Relocations Subcontractor
  36. Fencing Subcontractor (Supply and Install)
  37. Property Inspection and Dilapidation Report
  38. Labour Hire
  39. Precast Concrete Panels
  40. Geotextile and Subsoil Drainage Material Supply
  41. Pipe Jacking and Drilling Subcontract
  42. Tree Removal Subcontractor
  43. Road Furniture Supply
  44. Bus Stop Shelter Supply and Install
  45. Temporary Fencing Hire
  46. Surveying Services Subcontractor
  47. Concrete/Pavement Saw-cutting Subcontractor
  48. Asphalt/Pavement Profiling Subcontractor
  49. Contaminated Material and Construction Waste Disposal Subcontractor
  50. Steel Fixing Subcontractor
  51. Rigging and Assembling Structural Steel Bridge Members Subcontractor
  52. Geotechnical Services and Onsite Soil Testing
  53. Security Subcontractor
  54. Enviro/Heritage Consultant
  55. Retaining Walls Subcontractors
  56. Fuel Supply
  57. Service Locating and NDD Subcontractor
  58. Coloured Bus Lanes Subcontractor
  59. Demolition Subcontractor
  60. Subsoil Drainage Installation Subcontractor
  61. Plexiglass Supply
  62. ITS (Intelligent Traffic System) and CCTV Subcontractor

    Rehabilitation and Maintenance Works

  63. General Chemicals Supply
  64. Landscaping Subcontractor
  65. Uniforms Supply
  66. Traffic Management
  67. Arborists Consultant and Subcontractor
  68. Road Sign Supply
  69. Road Linemarking Subcontractor

How to Register an Expression of Interest

  • Work Packages currently available to submit an EOI for are listed below. It is expected that additional work packages will be available following the briefing session.
  • To submit an EOI for any of the Work Packages listed, companies must have an ICN Gateway company profile that is complete and up to date. Please ensure that information on your 'Previous Significant Clients and Projects' is completed under the 'Summary' section of your ICN Gateway profile.
  • All companies who submit an EOI will be included in information presented to Netflow Consortium for this project.
  • The Netflow Consortium will be provided with your detailed company profile outlining capabilities to supply into the project. It is important that businesses submitting an EOI are aware that their submission does not guarantee that they will progress further in the procurement process. Only companies that can demonstrate capability and capacity in accordance with the Consortium's standards will be invited to pre-qualify for specific opportunities.
  • When the work packages are released for pricing, your company will be notified provided you have selected relevant capabilities in the Notification section of your company profile on ICN Gateway.
  • Register your interest as a full or partial scope supplier (where applicable).
  • Respond to all project and work package specific questions (where applicable).
  • The services, programmes and initiatives provided by ICN Victoria are aimed at complimenting a company's existing Sales, Marketing and Business Development strategy and any EOI submitted should not be considered as an alternative to these activities.

Project Documents


Netflow Western Road Upgrades Meet the Bidder Presentation

Work Packages

There are currently no open work packages for this project.

Initial Capital Works, Rehabilitation & Maintenance Works9 May 1730 Jun 17 
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Western Road Upgrades - Any Opportunities20 Nov 1731 Dec 1731 Dec 17
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