Council invites companies to download RFT documentation and submit a tender for the below mentioned contract:

CON-23/120 - Wells Road, Patterson Lakes (740 Wells Road to Patterson River) Access Road Reconstruction

Please ensure tender submissions are submitted before the tender close date and time.

Late tender submissions will not be accepted.

All tender questions must be raised via the online forum in TenderLink (see online forum option below).

The City of Kingston is seeking tenders from suitably qualified contractors for the reconstruction of the Access Road and construction of a proposed footpath and drainage along the Wells Road Service Road (740 Wells to Patterson River) in Patterson Lakes.

The scope of works for this contract include the following:

Construction of a 3m wide (varies along alignment) concrete Shared Access Road with concrete Kerb and Channel either side.
Construction of the proposed 1.8m wide concrete Footpath adjacent to the proposed access road.
Construction of Pram Crossing and Shared path linking in with existing Shared Path. Construction of proposed drainage to mitigate flooding from proposed design.
Supply and Install proposed signage and bollards.
Options :
    ↓ Download the tender documents for this notice - No charge
    · Post questions or comments to the online forum for this tender
    · This tender has an Electronic Tender Box available
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