INVITATION TO TENDER: N400455 Wyndham RDF Leachate Disposal Panel

Wyndham City Council requires suitably qualified and experienced service providers to form a Leachate Disposal Panel for Wyndham RDF.

Council is in the process of reviewing and upgrading the leachate treatment and discharge system, to manage expected future volumes of leachate generated at the site. While these works are being completed, Council requires a panel of appropriately licenced contractors to:

• Collect stored leachate from the primary leachate pond (“West Pond”); and

• Transport collected leachate to licensed facilities for treatment and disposal.

This Contract is a schedule of rates contract, and Council does not provide any guarantee in respect of the amount, mixture or types of Works that may be required under the Contract. Panel Members shall provide Services in accordance with this Specification during the Contract Term when directed to do so by the Contract Manager or the Authorised Representative.

Council is seeking to appoint a panel of selected Service Providers for a Term of up to four 4 years (initial 2 years, with two additional one year term, 2+1+1). Council requires all submissions to be inclusive of both leachate transport AND leachate treatment/disposal. Submissions limited to just one of these elements will not be considered.

Documents are available for downloaded from the Wyndham City Council Supplier Portal, note that registration on the portal is required. There is no cost to register.

All enquiries relating to the works or services should be directed through the Message Forum established for this tender.

All submissions must be electronically submitted through the Wyndham City Council Supplier Portal no later than 12.00 noon Wednesday 4 October, 2023.

Late, emailed and facsimiled tenders will not be accepted. The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.

Wyndham City Council

Procurement Department

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