Council invite companies to download tender documentation and submit a tender for the abovementioned contract.
Please ensure tender submissions are submitted before the tender close date and time.
Late tenders will not be accepted.
All tender questions must be raised via the online tender forum in TenderLink.
The current Roy Dore Tennis Pavilion (Long Beach Tennis Club) located at 17 Dyson Road CARRUM VIC 3197, is no longer fit for purpose. Kingston City Council is proposing to demolish the existing pavilion construct a new, single storey modular sports pavilion in its place.
This is a tender for design and construct works, for a suitably qualified and experienced modular
construction company. The attached drawings and specifications, compiled by the Councils selected architect K20 Architects is developed as a guide to the requirements of Council and the club. It is understood that the tenderers will develop a design based on this guide, which includes all of the elements documented, albeit potentially not utilising the same fixtures and finishes and exact configurations. This design also includes the relevant structural (footing) design.
The subconsultants used for the purposes of compiling the design documentation design parameters can be used by the contractor. Alternatively, the contractor can utilise their preferred sub-consultants including but not limited to electrical, fire, hydraulic, mechanical, structural etc. All subconsultants must be suitably qualified and have all relevant and up to date registrations.
All drawings, notes, schedules and specifications attached to this tender are to be considered during the design of the modular building. If contact Council for clarification.
The successful Contractor shall be nominated as the commercially registered building practitioner; be responsible for completing the design and obtaining the relevant building permit/s and other required statutory approvals; be responsible for the demolition of the existing pavilion; be responsible for all sub-contractors on site; transport the modular building to site and fully install it at site including all necessary connections to authority utilities as outlines within the tender documents. (Kingston City Council will provide all necessary permits/consents associated with the site Council Planning, Melbourne Water, etc.)
Council will accept and assess both conforming and non-conforming tenders.

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